Thursday, 7 September 2017

Update 204

Marcella and NINETY-SEVEN are getting on like a house on fire.
This is the second time I have seen them together laughing and chatting.

BOTT now only has one thing on her mind ... gambling

Red is having another attempt at Marty's portrait

Nickolas now has his cooking skill up to level 6

That is probably her best one yet!!

Nickolas is invited to a party by his Dad Carlton.
I get the shock of my life when I get there, because there are two crying baby girls in the house!!
This should not have happened with there only being males in the house ... but I am not complaining!

and the amusing thing ... they are not twins or even sisters

Josephine (the green one) belongs to Heath and Snow

Raina belongs to Carlton and Darrell
So Nickolas has a little sister!!

I am thinking, this is a strange party ... the only guest here is Nickolas
everyone else in the house lives here (Heath - Darrell - Carlton - Snow - Morgan - NINETY-ONE, Charlie and Pebble)

Then I realise it must be a close family birthday party for Raina ... how cute
only her brother gets an invite to her birthday.

Right at this moment ....I think I hate you Marty!!!
He robbed us of the chance of getting and seeing some ugli CUTE babies like this!!!

Raina ... she even has a cute name!!

Darrell has not passed his fairy wings onto either of his children - Nickolas or Raina

It is strange that Nickolas has blue eyes - Raina has purple eyes ... I am not sure were either of those colours have come from.

Oh ... it seems to be a party for both girls!!

Josephine was never getting away from being a vampire with Heath and Snow both being one!

Nickolas has gone into baby sitter mode while everyone else has gone downstairs.

Josephine is Nickolas's Aunt!!

He pops downstairs for a quick word with his Dad ....

then he is back upstairs to play with his little sister.

Pebble is also a bit of a mother hen around the toddlers

Heart farting Charlie
who he could actually have a romantic relationship with if he wanted
 (but I would rather he didn't!!)

NINETY-FOUR was ringing their doorbell at 3am in the morning ... strange time to visit.
I noticed Nickolas didn't get kicked out either - there seemed to be no party end.

We get a pop up ... EIGHTY-EIGHT has passed away

Leeann is now living with EIGHTY-NINE because his siblings are popping off very quickly at the moment - virtually one every day.  And she was doing nothing in the house at all.

Marty now has the Eternally Faithful reputation
while Red has a SlimeBall one .. lol

Basil's corner is still how he left it with all his certificate and awards.
Its hard to believe that there are 8 generations between Basil and Ivy!!

Oh ...... BOTT has finally managed to come away from the blackjack table to do something useful!!

Gambling level 2 .. lol

4 am in the morning they both sit down to do their homework

NINETY-NINE wants to be Reds best friend ... more fool him!!

He is an animal lover ... it amuses me when he fills up the pet food.

I am thinking wish for a cat ... wish for a cat ... there are cute kittens over the road!
He doesn't listen to me!!  (pout)

he would much rather play fairy pranks on BOTT instead!

Marty is hanging around outside the Bistro with Sandy after work.
Two lots of heart farts ... they share quite a few traits in common.

I spot Josephine sat outside the Bistro but there is no sign of Heath or Snow.
I think maybe Morgan or Pebble might have taken her there.

We get a pop up ... EIGHTY-SEVEN has passed away
Another one of Alpines children ... they are dropping like flies

I think Nickolas lives on his favourite food, Pancakes, because that is all I ever see him cooking.

I have to laugh at BOTT ... she now has 97 friends!!!
I am not sure where the game gets 97 from unless it is counting her ghost friends too - which means she has been best friends with virtually all of Red children.
BOTT makes friends like Red makes babies!!

Ivy needs watering!

NINETY-NINE spooks me!!
If I did not know that he is Marty's child, and I had to guess who his Dad is, I would have said he was Mace's child ... because he reminds me of Mace and his children every time I look at him!!

ONE HUNDRED has the Athletic and Loves the Outdoors trait ... so he will probably follow after Marty when he grows up.



I am a little disappointed that we have not seen anyone wishing for love and kissing a frog yet.
Sims do do that on free will, but not very often.

Amusingly both of the older boys are fishing again!!

It is Saturday ... and as you can see, everyone is out in the garden

I lost count of how many times I saw him fishing up a treasure chest

Four useless gnomes later ... he is still at it!!
They sold for over $1,000 each, so it was not all bad.

ONE-O-ONE pulled a ghost gnome out of the arcade machine - it has been quite a while since anyone has.
As it would be nice to see some of the cemetery ghosts for a change - I got it out - I doubt one visiting every day will hurt.

Boys will be boys!!

I am amused at ONE-O-TWO ... he is a couch pototo, so he does not have the energy to join in and play with his brothers, he just watches.

Oh BOTT has found her mega phone again!!
Ranting about Evil this time.

Marty is invited to SEVENTY-FOUR's party

SEVENTY-FOUR who he does not even know yet .... but SEVENTY-EIGHT who he is talking to, is one of his work mates and they are actually best friends.


Granite, Nelson and Kale are downstairs

NINETY-SIX is upstairs alone amusing himself

Keep away from him Marty ... Granite is likely to fill your head with the truth about Red!!

We get a pop up .... Kale is getting old blah blah blah.  (GULP)
which means tomorrow we will be losing him to Grim, so I guess this is the last time we will be seeing him!

Bye Kale!! (sniff)

Marty is back from yet another very uneventful and boring party ...
obviously Granite said nothing to Marty about him and Red still having a romantic connection!!

Yeah ... NINETY-SEVEN has just sneaked an extra day
but it has done me a favour ... we have six birthdays again tomorrow, so I do not mind him having an extra day to lighten the birthday load!

Red and Marty have gone to the festival ground to get the wall picture taken.
Charlie is one of the food merchants at the festival ground

Now I am very very confused!!!!
Angel  (Granite and EIGHTY-SEVEN's son) ... he is supposed to be dead ...he drown ages ago!!!

I checked all the houses and he is not listed as living in any of them ... He appears dead on the family tree, and he does not have a grave ... so how and why is he standing there as large as life??!!

These two kill me ...
they did nothing but stand there and mess about with each other - it was a waste of time them even coming here!!

We get the pop up ... Kale has passed away (sniff)
Sage does not look the slightest bit bothered that his Dad has just passed away!


No he is having none of it!!

He thinks she is the worst Great-Grandmother in the world ... and I can't say I blame him!!

Update # 8
Picture count = 465 + 67 =  532
Word count = 7685 +1288 = 8973

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