Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Update 203

All five toddlers have learnt their main skills.
There are only a few last minute logic block and xylophone skilled to be learnt.

NINETY-EIGHT tries out a fairy prank and casts hot head on Red

but it backfires on him

Red could actually die now and it would not really matter!!
She has had all the babies she needs to!
Woohoo ... no more babies ... I HOPE!!

I am amused to find the two boys fishing together!!
NINETY-EIGHT has the Angler trait - but they went on a school field trip earlier to the science lab and gained themselves a fishing skill level from it.
They obviously must have enjoyed it to come home and both start fishing!

And while I have been looking forward to birthday time ... I have also dreaded it
because we have SIX birthdays going on tonight!!!


he gained the Night Owl trait


he gained the Virtuoso trait


She gained the dog person trait


He gained the Animal Lover trait


He gained the Family Orientated trait

and lastly

NINETY-SEVEN is becoming a teenager

He gained the Loves the Outdoors trait

I couldn't see it when he was a child, but now I can see Marty in him, especially his eyes.

EIGHTY-NINE turns up ringing the door bell

All of his siblings (who are all human) have now started to pass away from old age, so very shortly he is going to be the only one left in his house ... he is still a young adult himself.

Since NINETY-SEVEN has become a teenager he seems a lot more relaxed
Less of a swat and more about having fun!

I am thinking about moving Leeann in with him, to keep EIGHTY-NINE company

All the children are now at school.
The house goes from one extreme to the other ... from manic to empty and deadly silent

Marty can finally get round to learning Martial Arts - so that he can earn some brownie points at work with his boss.

As there will be no more babies ... I decided to give BOTT something else to do with her time.

NINETY-SEVEN was the first one to start playing
(I didn't realise that teenagers can not gamble for money - they can only play for fun)

BOTT on the other hand - can play for money ... and amusingly jumps in on the highest bet.
With over 6.5 million in the family fund, I'm not worried ... I doubt she could ever gamble it all away!!


None of the quads or Ivy came home from school and I found them strangely scattered all around town.

ONE HUNDRED is sleeping in the abandoned sleeping bag outside the town hall

NINETY-NINE is sleeping on a bench outside the bistro

ONE-O-ONE is also at the bistro - doing his homework

I can't quite work out how they got to be at the bistro when their school is on the other side of town

ONE-O-TWO and Ivy are still outside school

Leeann is now a Traffic Cop

Granite is over the road taking pictures of ... nothing!!

Red has literally been playing on this arcade game ALL DAY!!!!

I think NINETY-SEVEN is going to be like his Dad ...
living on the water slide, he too has the Loves the Outdoors trait

I am not too sure I have actually seen a child taking a sauna before

I have to laugh at Lime playing blackjack ...
I guessed this might keep the ghosts amused when they are out.

Nickolas is reading a cooking skill book as well as talking to Marty - I don't know how he can concentrate on both!!

Marty only has one level of Athletics to catch up with now - which he will probably do now there are not demanding toddlers in the house anymore.

I guessed BOTT would spend a lot of time playing Blackjack somehow!!
She has just gained level 1 Gambling skill
(I forgot about that skill!!)

NINETY-SEVEN has really surprised me ... when he was a child he was a constant swat, reading and playing chess, now he is a teenager I have not seen him doing either.

ONE-O-ONE has the artistic trait

ONE HUNDRED is highly honoured getting a bed story off Mom!!

Nickolas is hanging about outside his work talking to NINETY-THREE

I am a little amused when Pebble calls him over to sing with him
The bistro does tend to be a hangout for everyone who works at the stadium and bistro as they are both on one lot.

Christian is out

I'm getting sick of the boys going the gay way ....
but I guess when the world is prodominantly filled with males, and all the female NCP's do nothing but run ... what other choice do they have!!

Mmm they share quite a few traits

NINETY-NINE has a B grade at school, but he is yet to get a single skill.
Which makes me wander - why the other four got a fishing skill level earlier and he didn't!?

Gambling level 2
I can already see we are going to lose BOTT to this table - she has done little else since it arrived.

Red goes to the cemetery to get out the graves

She now has a lot more dead children than living ones!!

Pebble is in the cemetery ... he seems to be everywhere I go lately

Pebble is one of her very few best friends.

Ooooooooh that is a cute kitten ... it looks a lot like my own calico cat.

Mint walked past with it, and only this morning we had a phone call from that house, telling us their cat had had kittens and if we want to adopt one to pop by.

I am very tempted  .... but nobody has rolled a wish for a cat (pout)

NINETY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

Yeah ... he is Marty's kid alright!!

NINETY-SEVEN has now decided he wants to take up gardening


It is 4am in the morning and ONE-O-ONE is ONLY JUST going home from school!!!
He has been sleeping in the fairy house outside the bookstore.

It tickles me how children can roam around the streets at night without getting arrested, but the teenagers can't!!

Update # 7
Picture count = 399 + 66 = 465
Word count = 6647 + 1038 = 7685 )

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