Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Update 213

We are now on Sim Week 107 - Day 1

NINETEEN is here so Red grabs her to do her missing ice statue

NINETY-NINE is the one who has stepped into the robo nanny shoes.
He is the only one who is taking care of BOTH toddlers.
Red is doing her normal and ONE-O-TWO just doesn't seem that bothered with them.

Casper is so cute using the potty all on his own.

Lyric is now walking and talking he just needs to be potty trained

She has done it again .... messed it up!!!
NINETEEN has gone, so she has wasted another night not getting any missing statues done!!

I just knew he would turn out to be a super Dad!!

I am wandering if I should quit her painting job ... she can not go anywhere else with it.
Then she might roll a wish to do something else.

Two happy little toddlers

NINETY-NINE is working on his Athletics skill for work

I am amused by the guitar that has been left outside the house over the road.

Okay .... lol
Red randomly potty trains Lyric while his Dad is at work.

FINALLY someone gets hit with that trap.  It has been there forever!!!
That sink is RARELY used, everyone puts the dirty plates into the food machine or washes them up in the sink outside.

NINETY-NINE is the one getting all the party invites now BOTT has gone.
He is at NINETY-TWO's party



ONE-O-ONE and Pebble
A party goers nightmare ... they are wearing exactly the same shorts!!

Seriously!!!  He is having to greet his own brother like he is a stranger!!

I can not believe it when I check that pile of ash on the floor .... it is FIFTY-THREE's.
Seven baby dad's later ... It has been here all that time and nobody has cleaned it up ....
since Update 107.

Amusingly at home .....
Red has found someone to drag into the time machine for woohoo

It is a good job they can only woohoo in that thing now, or Casper probably would have been getting himself a brother or sister after this visit!!

Seriously they are up for round two as soon as they finish in the time machine

TWENTY-SEVEN is feeding the snake



I have noticed something very amusing with the ghosts who are playing black jack!!!  Those ghosts who's graves are in the garden, are actually using Red's family fund!!  So all the ghosts stakes, wins and loses are going in and out of Red's money.

Red is definitely making the most of Forrest being out!!
Round 3 (cough!!)
She could have done at least one missing statue tonight, but by the time she had finished mauling Forrest - the ghosts had gone!

ONE-O-TWO is very musical.  He has maxed his guitar now he wants to max his drums.
So I am surprised he did not want a career in music.
I think he is the most active couch potato I have ever played with - I can't remember the last time I actually saw him sitting watching television!!

Red wants to paint Caspers portrait

and just as I said it, that he is not much of a couch potato  ....
Just to prove me wrong, ONE-O-TWO goes and sits watching television!!  Lol

That portrait is looking strange and not very good!!

NINETY-NINE is happy because he has just had a promotion.
He is now a Grunt ... level 3

That is actually kind of spooky!!

Casper is having his birthday

He gained the Athletic trait

This is how he looks in CAS

Jenni is ringing the door bell

She is here again trick or treating ... and it is summer again!!!

Which made me think because I am sure I saw fallen leaves on the festival ground when ONE-O-TWO was there taking photographs .... somehow the seasons must be all wacked - but it doesn't seem to be causing a problem.

I guess I will have to get Bobo out soon before he starts running around in glitchy human form.

I am amused when Red tells Casper to improve his skills .... he jumps straight onto the games console, which is no better than playing with his IF!!

Red goes off to the cemetery to get out graves ... Sage - SEVENTY-ONE and Ocean.

She got upset and I wandered why ......
Watching Heath and Morgan watching the stars together ... tut!  Like she has any right to go judging anyone else's behaviour!!!

It is a good job that Snow and NINETY-ONE are not here to see these two.
Darrell is not impressed with his Dad either by the look on his face!!

I am surprised that hug happened - their friendship is right down in the red

Okay she picked up a handfull of the baby Dad's graves.
As soon as she put Maces down he jumped out of it!

She collected his DNA ... which is the reason why I brought the Dad's graves here.

Which leaves me with a problem - Sunny and his three ghost children have vanished out of the game.  They are not living, I haven't seen their ghosts and they have no graves.  I have checked the house and the mausoleum - which makes me wander if they chose to click on their grave in their inventory and return to Never Never Land ... does doing that delete them completely?!

Friendly hugs.


No ghosts out who need statues ... other than Christian.
Not that I am trying to do all the spares and extras ... but his grave is here, and he doesn't have an ice statue - so why not!


I am very amused watching Lime flirting with TWENTY--THREE and he is going with it and flirting back.

and typically she doesn't mess up this time.
Christian's ice statue is okay.


ONE-O-TWO is playing with his Nephew.
I have noticed he bothers more with Lyric than Casper, I am not sure that he is very comfortable about his little brother being a ghost.

I'm a little surprised when I find Fennel down in the basement playing black jack.
Now I am nervous .... I hate it when vampires visit - they tend to die on me!!

I have to ask him to stay over, just so that he has the opportunity to use the fridge and grab Plasma if he is hungry.

Since playing with the science machine she keeps rolling wishes to collect everyone's DNA.  Which is good for me!





I hoped we would have seen Jazz by now.



FOUR used to be one of Red's favourite boys and they were best friends at one point.  Their friendship is not so good now because it has decayed over the time they haven't seen each other.

WHAT THE FLYING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well OVER TWO DAYS after Forrest has been here this elderly woman falls out of the time machine!!!   I know straight away, without checking, that she belongs to Forrest  = Tania Leaf ... and she is his colour and has his ears.

Forrest must have started the time machine woohoo in the FUTURE.  Which worries me - Red doesn't have the try for baby option - it is turned off - so does that mean it is still available to Forrest??!!

Tania is an elderly fairy

Traits = Over Emotional - Genius - Perfectionist - Family Orientated - Artistic
Favourites = Jazz - Frogs Legs - Orange

LTW = Greener Garden

I am a little amused by her traits - she has three of Reds traits and the other two Forrest has.

She only has 63 days before Grim will come to collect her - which is sad!!

If she is going to keep filling the house up with extra children, I would rather they be already grown up ones!!

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Update # 17
Picture count = 1104 - 66 = 1170
Word count = 17,601 - 1,283 = 18,884

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