Friday, 15 September 2017

Update 211

Yeah ... so I am an IDIOT .... give Red the slightest opportunity and she is onto it!!

I hear BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom
as I can see BOTT, but not BERT, I wander if she has dragged BERT into her bed ...

No ... it is FORREST!!!!

So we have another 2nd generation Leaf on the way!
Thanks Forrest!!!!

There is a turtle behind the house, so NINETY-NINE goes out to pick it up

so NINETY-NINE has just achieved his LTW of being a Zoologist.

Brotherly love!

Red is not far away from maxing her Athletics skill now

I have to laugh at NINETY-NINE .... he has achieved his LTW, yet he only has ONE skill ... level 3 gambling!!!

ONE-O-TWO his couch potato brother on the other hand ... is not so much of a couch potato with 7 skills  ....
level 1 cooking - level 9 guitar - level 5 piano - level 4 logic - level 4 bass - level 5 social networking - level 2 advanced technology.

I've found something new - that I have never played with before .... this is the problem with playing wishacy - you do miss a lot of things, just letting the sim do it for themselves.

I have never explored the stylized painting interaction (hides under a chair) ... new pictures for me to see.  This one is an insane one.

Red got $4,397 for this painting.
Most of her large paintings are earning her over $4,000 now ... but I am sick of seeing the same pictures over and over again.

I don't think BOTT and BERT will every have a child coming out of the time machine, because together they don't have the option to try for a baby.  Which is interesting when a pair of simbots can.

Red is singing with Travis

The bots have reached level 3 woohoo skill already ... probably because it is none stop - lol

Red manages to get THIRTY-ONE's ice statue done

and there is the baby bump!
You would think after 127 children, she would be sick of this by now ... but not Red!!

I can see it coming ... Red and BERT have progressed to amourous hugs and hand holding.

Straight after hugging Red, he goes straight outside to maul BOTT!!!
I am beginning to think BERT is as bad as Red!!

I'm not even sure why I took this picture now!

Out of nowhere ... ONE-O-TWO decides he wants a Photography career

Sage is walking around in his bot suit

Sandy is still the consignment merchant - she seems to have had that job a long time!
ONE-O-ONE wanted to buy a camera

he also wanted to give his brother a gift, so he bought two camera's .... but it didn't prompt NINETY-NINE to want to do anything with it.

How cute .... Javier and Jenni are ringing the doorbell.
I wander if they have come round to visit thier Grandmother and Uncles .....

No ... they are here trick or treating ..... in the middle of summer??!!!

They got their sweets and a photo

Then they go off to knock on the doors of the two houses over the road.

While he was at the consignment store he bought a photography skill book, which he is now reading.

Not that we have to worry about wasting money with over $7 million in the family fund .... but the camera that he brought cost $28 for each photo he takes and when he is only earning $1 or $2 for the photo he has taken ... he needs to bump up his skill before he seriously starts to take photographs.

Suddenly NINETY-NINE decides he wants a military career

He doesn't have the Athletic skill - so I am not sure he is going to enjoy his job.

NINETY-THREE is now old

I am a little confused by Fennel's hair .... he now has plant hair.
Since he aged up to mature adult I have seen him wearing a different hair style


I am amused when I see Shale Rock (Granites Dad) wandering around the streets.
I bet EIGHTY-THREE thinks he is going mad seeing his Granddads ghost!!

NINETY-NINE seems to have grown up suddenly.
He is rolling sensible and skill wishes ... he is now learning the Handy skill.

Stylized - genius ... very strange!!

I love being sneaky and putting the skill books that a sim needs into their inventory ... they get round to reading them eventually.ONE-O-ONE is improving his social networking skill from a book.

That bird is cracking me up ... he is imitating ringing phones all the time, so everyone is answering their phone and throwing a tantrum - because there is nobody on there.

BOTT has been tuning up BERT and she has improved his quality from Decent to Fantastic.
I think BOTT must be glitched, because her quality never moves off awesome and there are 4 more levels before she is maximum quality.

Doesn't NINETY-NINE look cute in his army uniform

Carlton obviously thinks so too!!
You can stop heart farting men!!
You and your brother are not going to be gay!!

Hello Angel!
I checked his status ... he is classed as homeless.

Three is a crowd!!
If Red didn't have a baby bump I think she and BOTT would be having a punch up right now!!

We get a pop up ... Sage has passed away (sniff)

Now we have more graves in the garden - there are a lot of ghosts wandering around the house at night.

Seezad and SEVENTY-TWO



and the baby is coming.

OMG!!!!  Like we don't have enough ghosts around here already!!


Casper is a ghost boy ... and by the looks of those pink fairy wing sparkles I think we have ANOTHER hybrid.

Red amuses me, she puts him down then does a runner away from him like she is scared of ghosts suddenly.

This is how Casper looks in CAS

I could cry .... he is a mini Forrest all but his red skin.
(I can't help it - if you haven't gathered by now - I'm in love with Forrest's genetics)

Yes he is a hybrid ghost / fairy
and I have changed his wing colour to green.

I think when he gets old enough to give up his DNA ... I might have found the sim to clone, if I haven't already completed that wish.

Talking about cloning ... I was poking through all the DNA that BOTT and Red have collected - and I noticed BOTT has her own DNA - so now I am very curious as to what will come out of the science machine if we clone from BOTT's DNA.

I doubt we will see BOTT near this child now that she does not have the Nanny chip anymore.
BERT should be the one who looks after Casper.

He sits down straight away to teach him to talk

I've noticed something now that we have a second bot ... I think BOTT is definitely glitched.
She rarely rolls wishes and there is the quality problem being stuck.
BERT is constantly rolling wishes just like a normal sim.

I love the way ONE-O-TWO reacts to Casper

I am not sure he is happy about his little brother being a ghost!!

Red teaches him to walk

ONE-O-TWO has maxed his guitar skill

and the potty training begins


NINETY-NINE I think would make a good Dad.
He seems to have a thing for toddlers.

ONE-O-TWO is invited to Marbles party
There was literally nobody there, not even Marble herself!! 
There was only the two children in the house.

Javier is now a teenager




After quite a struggle of hours of constantly calling both THIRTEEN and FOURTEEN to the sculpting table.  Finally she gets FOURTEEN there to get his ice statue done.

BERT has found the science machine

Oh typical!!!  She goes and messess the staute up!!!!
We are going to have to wait for him to come back out again.

and NINETY-NINE is the first one there in the morning.

Update # 15
Picture count = 953 - 75 = 1,028
Word count = 15,295 - 1,315 = 16,610

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