Sunday, 3 September 2017

Update 201

NINETY-SEVEN is having his birthday

He gains the Good trait

At the moment, I don't really see any Marty in him at all except for his skin and eye colour.

He jumps straight onto the chess table ... the wishes he is rolling amuse me, he wants to learn the logic and writing skill and take classes in both.
I think this one is going to be a little swat!!

This is the first time I have seen Carlton being a workaholic ... he is working from home

BOTT seems to have got the painting bug now.

NINETY-SEVEN only seems to be reading and playing chess at the moment.

Red is painting Marty's portrait

Stressed out Marty looking out of the window ....
I have always wandered why a neurotic person would do that, especially Marty
He loves the outdoors, so he is not anxious about going out!!

BOTT finishes off NINETY-EIGHT's potty training

Nickolas is off to his first day at work late ...
because he was too busy doing the gardening .. not a great start!!

That is awful!!
I think she needs to try doing his portrait again!!

These two are totally stupid over each other .....

They both want to get married

So they do!

Mr and Mr Ugli-Leaf

I told you he was going to be a little swat ....
he wanted to enrolled in an after school activity - scouting

Then he is straight back to the books!!

Pebble is making me feel really bad .. he is phoning Red at least twice a day for a chat.

The baby is coming

Red walks out of the hospital with the dreaded basket!!


Trust you to smash it Marty!!

They go home with ...



Woohoo ... and there are the last four babies we deed ...
all One hundred and Two babies have now been born!!

Marty's face!!!

Yes Mr ... I am not sure you realise what you have done - lol

I am too busy laughing at Marty stressing out that I didn't notice at first ... glitch!!

Red has STUPIDLY put the basket down on the pavement, taken the baby out and she is frozen, the put the baby in the crib action keeps flashing up in her queue!!
Of course there are no cribs off the lot - so she will stay like that forever if I leave her.

So I start panicking over losing the three babies in the basket, but luckily the game dealt with the babies ... it slowly teleported two from the basket inside the house one at a time, except for the last one which it left where the basket was.
I had to reset the baby she is holding, then reset Red.

Oh boy ... I am not looking forward to dealing with Quads again!!

Three of the four babies are fairies

BOTT picked the last baby up off the pavement

Happy dance ... they are all boys!!

We needed another crib ... and the plant baby is due to be pulled soon ...
I have got a headache coming - lol


BOTT you don't have time to chat on the phone ... the new babies need feeding ...
Red has gone off to sleep and left Marty to deal with it all on his own!!

I decided to lighten the house load ...
so Carlton and Darrell are now living over the road with his parents, Heath and Snow.
They weren't really doing a lot other than mauling each other - them moving out gives me two less sims to worry about!!

The bedlem has already started and even Leeann is having to get involved with the new babies.


Traits = Perfectionist - Friendly
Favourites = Country - Potato and Truffle Torte - Red


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Loves the Cold
Favourites = Latin - Fire Cracker Tofu - Spice Brown


Traits = Friendly - Artistic
Favourites = Indi - Hotdog - Spiceberry


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Couch Potato
Favourites = Roots - Stir Fry - Turquoise

The thing I always struggle with the most with Quads ... is getting to know who is who, with four appearing all at the same time ... them all being boys makes it that bit harder 

Red starts to teach NINETY-NINE to talk

and just to make things even worse!!
Nickolas pulls up a plant baby

A girl called IVY

and here is our 10th generation Leaf
Its a shame we have lost the hair and pointed ears now - because she is more Ugli than Leaf

Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Athletic
Favourites = Jazz - Porcini Risotto - Lilac

Ivy will not be half as much trouble as the quads ... she won't need feeding or nappy changing
She won't have to be potty trained either

Marty now has two days off work ... which is going to be very handy, because they now have four lots of walking, talking and potty training to do!!

ONE HUNDRED being taught to talk

ONE HUNDRED and Ivy are being taught to talk

NINE-NINE is now walking and talking

Oops ONE HUNDRED has flaked out on the carpet .... he is the only one who can not sleep in the fairy house if he needs to.

It is chaos for a while - trying to get all their skills taught

Ivy has beaten the quads ... she now has been taugh all her skills
plant babies are so easy

Having a childish Dad comes in handy sometimes!!

Three escaping todders ... I am not sure why they are all outside!

NINETY-EIGHT is having his birthday

he has gained the Angler trait

I think out of all six boys, he is going to be the only ugly duckling!!

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