Sunday, 3 September 2017

Update 200

BOTT has been invited to Reeds party




BOTT has found out how to take selfies


BOTT finished off cooking what Reed had started to cook ... then she spent the rest of the night entertaining everyone, playing the drums

Sage and Fennel have come home


Nickolas is sneaking an extra day with a mud bath


The alien old guy, who's name I can't remember

TWENTY-THREE called Red in to sing with him ... bless

Oops ... the alien ghost started flirting with Red and she flirted back.
It is just a good job that Marty is asleep.

It is amusing me that the ghosts keep feeling her baby bump

Hugs from Mom

Marty, forget the kisses ... she has just been flirting with an alien ghost ... I'll tell you!!

BOTT finishes off NINETY-SEVEN's potty training


I see Heath and Snow are still going strong over the road.

It looks like BOTT has now found a new game to play with her phone!!

I spot a strange looking child on the garden ... it is Charlie dressed up as an alien
LMAO .... this tickled me, as under his mask - he is already an alien - he didn't need the mask!!

Hugs off Grandma!

We get a pop up ... EIGHTY-ONE has passed away


after I spotted BOTT taking yet another selfie with Darrell, I decided to check her phone ....

I must be blind ... she has obviously been taking these selfies for a lot longer than I thought, I have just never seen her doing it!!

I found she has taken selfies with over 20 different sim, and quite a lot of them she has taken duplicated selfies with - like four times she has taken a selfie with Darrell ...  LMAO!!!!
I only put a few out - because I don't have enough spare walls for all of them!

Mia is out

BOTT is stealing coins out of the wishing well.  She already has five lucky coins in her inventory - I'm thinking of putting the casino backgammon table into the house so that she can actually spend them.

Oops, she didn't get any coins this time ... she just got wet!!

Baby is coming

They go off to the hospital

and come out with one fairy boy

Eww those wings have to go ... and spot the cheekbones

Oh the poor thing ... he is going to be a Marty clone!!


Traits = Good and Genius
Favourites = Kids - Grilled Salmon - Yellow

We get a pop up ... SEVENTY-NINE has passed away

Marty teaches NINETY-EIGHT to walk

I don't know why Nickolas always chooses to sleep in the tent every night ...
because when he wakes up he has a bad moodlet, which makes him miserable - a bad nights sleep from a cheap tent!
I don't remember seeing anyone else ever having a problems with the 'cheap' tent!!

He knows he is a handsome boy, after seeing his brother face!!

Marty makes a start on NINETY-EIGHT's potty training

Is it me ... or does NINETY-EIGHT look like he has an overly big head!?

Marty is two levels behind with his Athletics skill for work ... which is unusual for him, but he does keep getting distracted by the water slide all the time here.



Baby chimes coming from the bedroom

I love the way Nickolas is always cooking meals rather than pulling them from the fridge or food sythesizer, especially as he does not have the natural cook trait

I'm amused watching Red and Basil playing pool together
I still really miss Basil.

Red teaches NINETY-EIGHT to talk

Nickolas has got up in a bad mood, he is having one of his teenage mood swings.  I'm not sure what he has done to Marty but they are in the bedroom fighting and their friendship has nose dived down to dislike!!

He is now planting pranks all round the house ... lucky for him he did not get caught.

It is unusual to see Leeann interacting with anyone.

Just look at that moody teenage face!!

This is the first time I have seen Nickolas showing signs of his childish trait

BOTT is the only one who Leeann is even friends with

We get a pop up .. Freddie has passed away (pout)

Nickolas is a strange child ...
he wants to be good friends with Red ... and he wants to cook her favourite food??!!
So Grilled Cheese it is!!

I'm surprised when I find Nickolas doing the gardening

now he has got the bug ... he can take care of his own possible future baby.

Yes Carlton and Darrell are still here ... but all they are doing is mauling each other!

Nickolas is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Natural Cook trait

LTW = Five Star Celebrated Chef

He gets the job he needs at the bistro straight away

Marty hasn't come home after work he is hanging around outside the bistro with Voohoo who is hanging out with some of his children.

Christine is now elderly

Let's hope Voohoo doesn't tell Marty about his romantic connection to Red!!

Baby bump ... we now have only four babies left to create and raise to complete this challenge.



I could swing for Aniseed!!!
One of my biggest pet hates in this game is the school cheer - because once sims start doing it - it is constantly all they do and hearing it all the time drives me nuts!!
Aniseed has just taught the school cheer to BOTT gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Red is really pushing her luck ....
She is outside flirting with the alien ghost again  ... Sezzad
(I wrote his name down this time.)

She adds his DNA to her collection

Nickolas has got his cooking skill up to level 4... he is cooking his own favourite this time, pancakes.

I love the way Darrell always eats inside, because he hates the outdoors - not all outdoor haters do, a lot suffer while they eat.

I really hope that Nickolas is going to be pulling up a plant baby this time ...
I want to get the 10th generation Leaf before the end of this challenge.

He still wants that girl ... and now Red wants one too.
I wouldn't mind but they have one in the house that neither of them have even spoken to yet!!

Red gets round to doing Marty's ice statue

These two are jumping in and out of the time machine a hell of a lot at the moment

It wouldn't surprise me if they are not trying to get another child out of it ... they are opting for try for a baby a lot of the time.

Sorry boys ... it's not happening!!

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