Thursday, 14 September 2017

Update 210

BOTT continuously has love hearts in her eyes now.

ONE-O-ONE has decided he wants to be a self employed painter.

NINETY-NINE is out wandering.
I found him petting a roaming cat.

The cat starts hissing at him.

Yeah NINETY-NINE I would walk away if I was you ... that is the psycho cat that we saw a few days ago!!

He wanders on to the performance park

Christine is now elderly

and so is NINETY-TWO

That is about all he got out of the sim fest proprietor because she was busy in the middle of organising a sim fest.

Darrell and Charlie

Nelson and EIGHTY-FOUR

BOTT is invited to another of Ocean's parties ... but she is way too busy with BERT ....
so NINETY-NINE crashed the party instead so we could have a nosey at Ocean and Marbles new child,


She has Granites hair and eyes too.

Ocean must be wandering who NINETY-NINE is!!



Just out of interest I compared Sage and Ocean's age status
Sage's Days to transition said -60 and Oceans said + 45 ...
Neither of them made a lot of sense to me but  I think it might mean that Ocean has lived forty five days over time.

who dressed her ... lmao ... I've noticed she never seems to take her police hat off!!


I think NINETY-NINE might make a good Daddy .... he hardly left his Neice alone for the rest of the night.

We didn't get to see Javier ... only his but as he crawled into the fairy house.
He spent all night throwing a fairy house party ...
and I bet his party was a lot better than his Dads!!

You might guess who .... lol

I really don't understand what is happening over the road.  They are ALL standing outside the house again where most of them have been all day.

These two are making me laugh ... they are just standing around like this together a lot of the time.
Almost like they have been turned into love sick idiots!!


You would think with two bots equipped with the competent cleaner chip we would have a tidy house.  Lol ... neither of them are doing anything - two busy with each other!

NINETY-SEVEN is now a medical intern - level 4

I am now on a mission to get a grave and statue for ever child.

The ice statues have now been arranged in number order from ONE to ONE-O-TWO
The Dad's statues are on their colour squares

THIRTY-SIX is visiting.
He is another one who does not have a statue, but he ignored Red calling him to the sculpting table too.

I decided to be ruthless ..... so Marty and the kids have been moved out like all the others.
Marty is distracting Red too much  (pout)

Marty - NINETY-SEVEN - NINETY-EIGHT - ONE HUNDRED - ONE-O-ONE - Nickolas and Ivy are now living in a house over the road.

Marty's automonous woohoo count = 76
family fund = $7001,192

The house is now down to just the five.

I have kept two of the boys - NINETY-NINE and ONE-O-TWO.
I think it might get very boring otherwise, if we only have moping Red and two loved up bots to watch.

because BERT and BOTT are doing nothing but mauling each other.

I have to laugh at Red doing this again .... crying at Forrest's grave!!!
When she has a man to play with she doesn't bother ... but when she is alone she finds time to think about him.
She only does this at Forrests grave - probably because of the romantic attachment.

I see Josephine over the road ... she is now a young adult, so I guess Raina is too

Oh she is soooooooooo bored!!!
LOL ... now she will probably wished she made better friends with her children - because she is going to end up so lonely!!

Red went to the cemetery she had a few graves to get out.
EIGHTY-SEVEN - EIGHTY-EIGHT - Kale - Voohoo and Christine.


She also picked up all the graves for the countable children that have an ice statues missing.


So hopefully it will make it easier and quicker to get the last few that I need.

This game file is now at Sim week 105 - day 5 ... so nearly 106 sim weeks
I am amazed that it is still going and running so smoothly!!

This is an unusual thing to see.
NINETY-NINE giving FIVE a massage

It is hard to believe FIVE is one of her first children - NINETY-NINE is one of the last and there have bee Ninety-four children between them!!

Red managed to grab ELEVEN and get her ice statue done

She also managed to get FIVE to pose for her quickly before he vanished

so that is two more statues to add to the collection

It has been a long time since I have seen BOTT making steamed veg

NINETY-NINE is out hunting for animals to complete his LTW

Because we need them - the garden has stopped spawning anything other than butterflies and bugs

He tickled me popping into the festival ground to use the toilet and grab something to eat.
He also spoke to Josephine while he was there.

I must be mad, but I let him fill all the bird cages and tanks up again!

So far he has collected 19 animals, so he only needs one more to complete his LTW

FIFTY-FOUR is visiting via the ghost gnome

TWENTY-FOUR and SEVENTY-TWO are both out

Red catches TWENTY-FOUR  and gets his ice statue done.


Omri made me laugh ....
they are still pretty good friends - I thought she might start flirting with him, but she didn't

She decided to teach the bird to talk instead

Red is flirting with BERT!!!!
I think I might have made a big mistake moving Marty out!!

although ... I have turned try for baby back on - just to see what type of child might result from a bot and sim IF she does sink low enough to woohoo with the bot!!!

ONE-O-TWO has reached level 5 of his social networking skill  and is making blog posts.

I am just waiting for one of these two boys to wish for romance or woohoo - because I want to get one of them kissing a frog from the wishing well.

This is the result of BOTT and BERTs romance ........ a very dead garden!!

All the gardening sims have left the house now and Red never bothers to go near the garden any more

Yeah ... BOTT and Red are STILL having regular punch ups
I doubt this will ever change now!  It will probably get worse if BOTT realises that Red and BERT are quite often flirting with each other on the sly!!

ONE-O-ONE wanted to meet someone via the sim finder app. (which I call the blind date app)
and Sophie is who rang the doorbell.

The look on both of their faces said it all .... they didn't like each other very much, they have  two clashing traits and incompatible star signs.

So she spent the night playing blackjack and they didn't speak to each other again!!

Update # 14
Picture count = 884 - 69 = 953
Word count = 14,097 - 1198 = 15,295

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