Saturday, 2 September 2017

Update 199

We have the next baby bump.

The forbidden fruit plant was ready for picking so I got Nickolas to do it
He did not pull up a baby just a fruit. (pout)

Yes, I was very disappointed too!!

It looks like Marty is going to be living outside on the water slide all the time.

That's a strange one ... I'm not sure I have seen BOTT playing chess before

I think their thing is massaging each other - lol
Every time I check on them - they are doing that more than anything

just like Marty has his thing ...

He wants a girl (cough)
Well I hope all six of his babies are boys, because otherwise we will have butch female ugly overload!!!

It has been a while since I've seen Red on the science machine ... which reminds me.
She STILL has the clone a sim wish locked in - it has been there virtually since the start of this challenge ... BUT WHO could she clone?

Nickolas has the Family Orientated trait .... which makes me more disappointed that he did not pull up a plant baby ... he seems very fascinated with Red's baby bump.
Maybe I should try to plant another one (and turn on teen pregnancy before he pulls it up - that might be why he didn't get a baby.)

Red went to the cemetery to get out the graves ...

There were more than I thought ...
FIFTY-FIVE - Josh - Thyme - Carmen - FIFTY-EIGHT - Melon - Raven and Extra




FORTY-ONE and Mark



How crazily busy is the cemetery right now!!

FIFTY-THREE and Alpine




who is Carlton's Sister and Ocean's Mother

Raven is autograph hunting, like a lot of her ghost children were

(Bayleaf's Mother)

Red ended up staying in the cemetery for most of the night ...
I am very amused when Marty jumps on her as soon as she gets back ... accusing her of cheating!!

I know she hasn't done anything because I've been watching her, so someone could have told him about one of her other three romantic interests (Granite, Forrest and Voohoo)
I guessed this might be coming because Voohoo is actually Marty's boss at work ... lol

She managed to worm her way out of it ... smooth recovery

Kiss and make up ...

and all is forgiven ... lol

Normality is resumed!

Red has been relegated to the easel outside as Darrell is hogging the three inside

Carlton needs to work on his gardening skill for work

I'm laughing at BOTT she has played table tennis so much, she is now a pro and keeps smashing the ball at Marty - who keeps falling over.  She totally thrashed him!!

Only dead plants to dispose of, so Carlton is now reading the gardening skill book ... he has to make the most of his free time when Darrell is asleep!!

I spot Sage over the road, who is STILL singed ... obviously he never showers!!!

Darrell is doing Carlton's portrait

I think this is the first time that Nickolas has spoken to either of his parents.

That is pretty good!!
I think Darrell is proud of himself! lol

Oh BOTT!!!!  lmao
Randomly she starts painting ... something she has never done before

Phoenix has just smacked himself in the eye with a ball.

Marty really amuses me with the ghosts ... being neurotic you would think he would run from them - but he is quite the opposite.  His friendly trait takes over and he goes out of his way to talk to them, and keeps rolling wishes to give them a friendly introduction.


Oh - Oh ... Forrest is out - I am expecting him to cause some trouble with him being romantically attached to Red still.

Phoenix, Forrest and Basil

There seems to be a lot of ghosts out here tonight too.

How cute are Basil and Lime really!!!
When they are out at the same time they always make a beeline for each other.

Maybe I shouldn't be showing you this ......

Basically Basil and Lime are naked on the table making use of the adult mod (cough)

watching the stars ... like butter wouldn't melt!!  lol


The baby is coming ....
and Marty is as cool as a cucumber - he just stands there patiently waiting without freaking out!

Its a boy ... yipee!!

NINETY-SEVEN has hardly drawn a breath and his parents are almost crushing him, flirting with each other!

NINETY-SEVEN is a fairy boy
and he looks like he might be one of their cuter editions!!
No cheekbones, that is always a good start!

Traits = Excitable - Genius
Favourites = French - Lobster Thermador - Green

He is definitely a cutie!!

Baby chimes ... they didn't waste any time making the next one.

Marty made a start with teaching NINETY-SEVEN to talk ...
but he didn't get very far because he had to go to work

so BOTT finished the job off

Nickolas has randomly rolled his LTW ...
He wants to be a 5 star celebrity chef ...

Leeann is very very quiet and boring!!
She spends her life, working, sleeping, sitting in the sandpit or playing with toys.
She is a loner - so it is not often I see her interacting with anyone else in the house ... only BOTT.

She has not got a single skill yet and she needs logic for work - so she is now playing chess - sort of ... it lasted for all of 2 minutes before she went off back to the sand pit ... she was too stressed out by all the strangers in the room .. her Brother, Mother and Father!!

I spot Charlie over the road with Nadia ... he is now a child ... and bold tut!

I am expecting all of Red's alien children to be walking around with bold heads eventually ... because the game will remove their hair when they age up.

NINETY-ONE and Morgan are over the road, literally in the bushes ... lol

I am VERY shocked that Marty has not been abducted by aliens yet ... I have always said that I swear EA programmed him for abduction ... because 9 times out of 10 when I put him in a new files the aliens constantly take off with him.

Red is teaching NINETY-SEVEN to walk

I am a little amused when I find Nickolas reading a cooking book on free will ... he couldn't have pulled a better book out of the bookshelf, because he will need the cooking skill in the future for his LTW.

Baby bump

Finally it looks like Sage has found the shower ... he is no longer singed.

Marty has been over to the town hall to deliver some paperwork for work.
Now he is talking to anyone that he bumps into.

I don't like the hair the game has given Nelson - he is now a mature adult

We get a pop up ... SIXTY-FOUR has passed away

NINETY-SEVEN is now walking, talking and starting his potty training.

I am amused when Voohoo phones Red up for a date!!!

Maybe he has finally forgiven her and wants to get their relationship back on track!

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