Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Update 202

Poor BOTT, she is totally knackered and on the verge of breaking down!!

Don't worry BOTT ... these are the last of the babies!!!

Nickolas is a really good Dad!

There is constant chaos with the five toddlers

There is still quite a lot of potty training to be done

We get a pop up = SIXTY-ONE has passed away

The boys have been pretty much neglected for a while -
but they have been good, especially going to bed without bugging for a bedtime story

and they are doing their homework as well as cleaning the plates and putting the food lying on the counters away

NINETY-SEVEN is writing his first book

and Mary has finally found some time to work on his athletic skill - which is really lagging behind now.

I seriously don't know how this would have gone without BOTT's help .. lol
She is useful sometimes!!


Wow .... Leeann has actually made another friend

and she likes him!!

Only a few hours later and he is burning on the front garden

Just like the last pap that burnt on the garden ...
this pap didn't get any help being put out either ... instead they stood and watched him burn to death!

bye bye Leeann's very short lived new friend!

Marty is being his usual friendly self, he does not care that it is the Grim Reaper!

DON'T even go there Red!!!

NINETY-SEVEN has an award ceremony at the school because he has earned himself a badge for his scouting activities.

Meet the baby sitter, Julius .... cough!!!!   (that is a wishacy cheat!!)

STUPID ME has never really played with the after school activities before and didn't know that these ceremonies are just like graduation ... the whole household goes if they are available to!!

I am too busy watching NINETY-SEVEN ... and don't realise that Red, BOTT and Leanne are on the way to the ceremony until I get the baby sitter pop up.  There are not enough adults in the house to take the five toddlers with them, because Nickolas and Marty are at work ... so I had to let the baby sitter stay (pout)

Ocean seems to have been around for a very long time ... and he is still kicking!

I am not sure I would trust a teenage boy to look after five toddlers on his own .... but they looked happy enough when everyone returned home.

and his badge

Marty has had a promotion to Rookie
he is now at level 5 of his career - half way to his LTW

I am cracking up ....

First he gets a date phone call off Darrell

seconds later he gets a date phone call off Carlton

those two newly weds need to sort themselves out!! lol

There are a lot of ghosts out tonight!!

Aniseed and Omri are chilling together





That is the problem when you have nearly 90 friends ... you have too many selfies to take!!

Hello Pebble ... where did you come from??!!

I found him just standing in the bathroom

Hugs from Mom!

It is strange - Marty and Pebble work at the same place - yet they don't show as team mates on their friends list.  Neither does NINETY-ONE who also works at the stadium.

Charlie has phoned his Gran for a chat ... bless

Red gets the last of the potty training done

After eating Pebble left because he had to go to work

The garden has been very neglected, because there has not been time with five toddlers to deal with!

I am always watching the two houses over the road ... and this tickled me

NINETY-ONE and Morgan got out of a taxi together and walk into the house doing the WALK OF PRIDE

Obviously they have been woohooing on a community lot before they came home!!

SEVENTY-ONE is now elderly

and Charlie is now a teenager

Nickolas is invited to Carltons pool party
(when they don't have a pool or hot tub)


NINETY-ONE and Fennel






Seeing Fennel, I remembered that he had the hidden pyromaniac trait .... I checked Nickolas and he also has it - so it has been quietly passing down the Leaf line, which means that Darrell must also have it.


Snow has just returned home

I have to laugh - Nickolas spent most of his time there upstairs playing the games console on his own.
He could have just stayed at home!!

Nickolas and Marty are taking a hell of a lot of mud baths lately.

BOTT has had enough of the noise ... toddlers crying!!

We get a pop up - NINETY has passed away

The toddlers are now filling up the potty chairs quicker than BOTT can empty them!!

Don't worry BOTT ... not long now - they are having their birthday tomorrow!!

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