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Update 198

I am excited about the choice Red is going to make but at the same time I know I am going to be disappointed for the one she does not choose ... I want them BOTH to be the last baby Dad.

Carlton Ugli and Marty Keaton are actually distantly related!!
Marty was the founder generation of my Ugli family and Carlton is the 8th Generation
Which means that Carlton is closely related to Ocean and his children, Carlton being Winters brother, which makes him Ocean's Uncle  - so I have connected them together on the family tree.

I have not bothered yet - but if Red does go for Carlton, then I will be putting his parents and Grandparents into town to throw up a lot more colour in the babies genetics.


Traits = Workaholic - Flirty - Perfectionist - Genius - Hopeless Romantic
Favourites = Pop - Fish and Chips - Black
LTW = Renaissance Sim


Traits = Athletic - Loves the Outdoors - Neurotic - Great Kisser - Friendly
Favourites = Indie - Fish and Chips - Yellow
LTW = Superstar Athlete


Both Marty and Carlton roll job wishes as soon as they drop onto the garden
Marty wants a sports career and Carlton wants a science career, but their jobs will have to wait until the first baby is on the way.

Marty is straight off and chatting with one of paparazzi on the front garden ...
because he is such a friendly guy, he will talk to anyone.

While Carlton goes inside to read

I do not have a clue how Red is going to react to Carlton - I have never had them together before.
Although I think Carlton has the edge over Marty with compatibility - as they share a trait and star sign ... whereas in this challenge Marty only shares a star sign.

Red amuses me, unusually, she ignores both of the new men coming into the house and starts painting.
Marty is the first one to approach her

I expected that ... because I have had these two sims together for years.

although I have never really got why they like each other so much, the only thing they have in common is their star signs ... but once they get going, there is just no stopping them!! 

Marty's thing is heat of the moment kisses - so you will probably see him doing it a lot, if he gets to be the 17th baby Dad.

Marty loves the outdoors so he will spend a lot of time outside ... AND if Marty sticks to his normal character - being around the super naturals, he has a habit of wanting to be a werewolf - which we are yet to see properly in this challenge

Carlton I do not really know very well.  I have only played him around his parents and siblings as a teenager - so I really don't know what to expect from him at all besides a lot of book reading, chess playing and housework ... and he has always been straight.

saying that ... Heart farts between Carlton and Darrell

Suddenly she gets a smile on her face and starts clapping ....
yeah Red, there is fresh meat in the house for you to play with, including your favourite play thing!!

These two are already getting on way too well for my liking

I am a little amused when Red buts in to dance with Carlton ... Darrell does not look to happy!

But it doesn't last long because Pebble has phoned Red for a chat.
Carlton goes straight back to Darrell

Mr Perfectionist will no doubt be on top of the housework
Notice BOTT in the background, having fun as usual, while the garden is going to pot!

No you two should not be heart farting each other - in my book you are related!!

Interestingly Red seems to be more interested in Carlton at the moment, not Marty

Mr Neurotic will also be spending a lot of time twiddling taps, checking the cooker and staring out of the window.  Expect a lot of broken taps in this house from now on!!

There is a hell of a lot of heart farting going on in this house at the moment between everyone.

and Red is in her element, she has two new men to flirt with ... I am cracking up watching her going from one to the other.  She is seriously a piece of work!!  All I need now is for Forrest to come out and Granite to come round - lmao!!

While Marty is keeping Red entertained out in the garden, Darrell is dancing with Carlton

and by the chemistry and the way these two are ALREADY dancing together ... I think I can already see exactly what is going to happen here ... especially when I see Darrell has just rolled a wish to date Carlton.

Marty, Carlton and Darrell are all sleeping .... so all Red has to do is argue with BOTT.
These two SERIOUSLY hate each other and quite often I see them fighting.


TWENTY-THREE and Aniseed

It doesn't look like Aniseed is going to eat that Ambrosia that Red gave him


Darrell is killing me, he has forgotten all about his obsessive painting, because he seems to have a new obsession ... he just does not leave Carlton alone for a minute!!

Oh dear ... the face is because Carlton just insulted him ... lol
Well it serves you right - give the guy a break!!

It is not often that I see Red doing the gardening these days - but somebody has to because BOTT is on a go slow.

and she is talking to the growing forbidden fruit seed, which is generally a good sign that it is going to turn out to be a plant baby rather than a fruit.

I have just realised ... I forgot to send Red and Voohoo to the festival ground for their wall photo!!

Marty is working out .. something else he does a lot.

Poor Carlton is not getting a moments rest, he is constantly having his head pecked ... both Red and Darrell are constantly disturbing him, and flirting with him.

Darrell is even braving the out doors, which he hates, to hunt Carlton down

I think Darrell is the one most on a mission to get Carlton

and Marty is constantly pestering Red

Just what he needs after a strenuous work out

It always amuses me when BOTT is interacting with water ... in reality she should have fried by now

and they are off .........
I am a little miffed, that I was too busy watching BOTT to see who started it ... but I imagine it was probably Marty with his heat of the moment kisses - because that is something he does constantly.

So Marty gets to be Baby Dad 17!!
While I love Marty ... I'm disappointed we don't get to see any of Carltons ugly cute babies!!

No baby chimes

Marty is straight up and back on the water slide

yeah you can smile Mr!!!
Just make sure you give me some cute kids like the three I have in the other file I am playing you two in at the moment ... not any of your cheek bone inflicted one's!!!

I am a little puzzled as to where the ghosts animals have come from ... I have deleted all the non family graves out of town - so I was not expecting to see those two ghosts again.
Poor Sandy must be scared out of her mind lol

Mia is out and playing with her toys

and of course, they have to go filling up the house unnecessarily with a time travel child!!
OH SHIT ... it's a girl

and this is why I said oh shit .... a very butch looking girl, because facially she takes after Marty!!!
this is the thing I hate most about Marty ... his girls on the whole are facially horrendous!!

Leeann ... is a young adult fairy

Traits = Loner - Perfectionist - Good - Childish - Angler
Favourites = Classical - Stir Fry - Blue
LTW = International Super spy

Baby chimes this time.

I can see it coming with these two ... unless Leeann gets in between them, which I would actually prefer.

Darrell and Carlton are off too!!

so much for Carlton being straight!!!
At least we only have one baby making couple in the house!

Leeann gets the job in law enforcement that she needs to fulfil her LTW

These two have completely gone!!

Leeann and BOTT are playing tag

I'm surprised to see Darrell actually painting ... its the first time since Carlton arrived in the house

but he doesn't get to paint for long ...

Now the first baby is on its way ...

Marty gets a job at the stadium and Carlton gets a job at the Science Facility

Disco in the lounge!

Pebble is constantly phoning Red up for chats

I didn't think it would take Marty this long to find the goal posts

It looks like Carlton and Darrell have been playing in the time machine

NICKOLAS is a teenage human
The only bit of Darrell I can see in him is his hair and skin colour - the rest of him is all Carlton

Traits =  Family Orientated - Party Animal - Childish - Diva
Favourites = French - Pancakes - Spiceberry


TWENTY-FIVE and Forrest

Marty is having a chat with Basil

Marcella ....
it is actually strange for me to watch anyone cooking now - it is rarely done because of the food synthesiser machine.

I am miffed now that Red planted the forbidden fruit seed ... because Darrell does not need a baby now ... we have the 9th generation Leaf ... Nickolas
he! he! ... a quick way to make it 10th generation ... Nickolas can pull up the baby plant - lol - that is if teenagers can.

At least now with Red due to pop a baby bump - there is not room in the house for anyone else to come walking out of the time machine.

Interestingly Forrest is not paying the slightest notice to Red messing about with Marty ... I guess it has to be the inappropriate in a good way reward - that is save me loads of agro.

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