Monday, 11 September 2017

Update 207

I find ONE HUNDRED has wandered out of the house.
The last time I saw him he was in the garden critiquing the ice statues.

I am amused to find him cleaning up street art outside the science facility ... by the look on his face, I am guessing he critiqued it, and did not like Basil's piece of artwork, that he did a long time ago!!

Christine is visiting us already

and here we go ..... it is birthday time!


He gained the Neurotic trait

LTW= Blog Artist


He gained the Loves the Outdoors trait
LTW= The Zoologist

Now I see why he is too cute to be Marty's kid!!
He is a perfect gender switch of Red and has no Marty in him at all except for his skin and hair colour.

(He is Cosmic just in a different colour -for anyone who reads TCE.)


He gained the Good trait

LTW = Visionary


She gained the Family Orientated trait

LTW = Superstar Athlete

and the last of the teenagers to grow up ...


He gained the Smoozer trait

 LTW = Celebrated 5 Star Chef

Well that is it Red .... you are done!!!

Wishacy / Queen Bee / 102 Baby Challenge


102 countable babies raised from birth to young adult
25 extra uncountable babies
127 babies in total
we also managed to create 10 generations of the Leaf family from Forrest to Ivy.

The most amazing thing ... this challenge has been completed in just ONE FILE!!
It is sim week 104 and the file is still going!

I am howling at Red who collapses from exhaustion .. almost like she is relieved it is over!!
Her timing could not have been any more perfect!!

This is what happens when you have had 127 children!!!
Finally she can take a break!!

However, she might have finished producing babies ... but I am far from done with this just yet.

I want to do something with the ice statues and graves ... and there are a few wishes that Red and BOTT have, that they have had forever that I now finally want to complete.  So I will be playing beyond this now completed challenge for quite a while yet.

I have to say - this batch of Marty's kids is not too bad, compared to some I have had in the past!!

Ivy gets the job that she needs at the sports stadium.

Everyone can take as many mud baths as they want from now on because it doesn't matter any more!!

I am actually VERY interested in ONE-O-TWO's LTW.  Blog Artist, which I must admit, I have never seen before, let alone played it.

He wants to learn the Social Networking skill ... so he starts sending texts to everyone in his friends list.

ONE HUNDRED gets the job at the bistro that he needs.

I am still a little confused by why he chose the Chef LTW.  He doesn't have the cooking trait or the skill.

Nickolas has been very quiet lately, all he seems to be doing is working and sleeping

BOTT is ranting about Love and Relationships!

Don't worry BOTT - your time will come!!
She has been carrying a wish around with her for a long time - to install the capacity to love trait chip. .. and this is one of the things I want to complete.

Make her a male simbot, install the trait chip and set her free.

ONE HUNDRED has gone wandering again.
A few of Marty's children are VERY strange in that department!!  Sims don't tend to wander off the home lot, other than to go to work, unless you make them!!!  However ONE HUNDRED and ONE-O-ONE are doing it ALL THE TIME!!!

I found him outside the bistro, strangely, his new place of work.

Marble and SEVENTY-TWO are singing together
I notice Marbles baby bump looks like it is ready to pop

Goofy grins!!

NINETY-SEVEN is cracking me up!!  He seriously can not be bothered to go to work most of the time.

He is still at level one of his career - and quite often gets the phone call threatening him with the sack.
I can't see him keeping that job at the hospital for much longer which kind of messes up his LTW.

ONE-O-ONE has reached level 5 with his painting .. not that it shows much.

The garden is perfect for NINETY-NINE with his Zoologist LTW
So many wild animals spawn on the garden, I think he could achieve his LTW without leaving the house, and we are going to try!!

He is rolling wishes to catch lizards, birds and turtles ... so he goes out and gets some.

I wander if he is going to bother looking after all these animals or do what Holly did and leave it all to BOTT.

The Turtle, Snake, Lizzard tanks and bird cage now has an occupant.

but as he has picked up 6 animals off the garden - he only needs 14 more.  It looks like they don't even have to be put in a cage or tank - just picking them up counts.  His LTW is going to be completed within days!!

The camera swings me to the Bistro ... very strangely!!!
Marbles baby is coming.

I guess it might have been because ONE HUNDRED is here

Just as I'm planning to get Red doing the ice statues, I find ONE-O-ONE is hogging the sculpting table.

I went for a nose - I watched for Marble to return home with the baby.
A fairy boy called Javier .
I checked on the family tree and the baby is Oceans - lol

THIRTY-EIGHT is visiting


Red is doing Nickolas's ice statue ... by mistake! (cough)
I haven't done the leaf branch ice statues ... and I thought I clicked on one of the children

Marty you stink!!

BOTT is now on a mission to sort out her love life.
She is checking out the bott in the shop ... moreso for the Capacity to Love trait chip.

She needs two chips (one for herself and one for the new bot) before I get her to make a male bot for herself.
I am frightened of what she might do if she gets the love chip and doesn't have another bot to play with!!  With everyone being her best friend - I doubt anyone will be safe!!

Nickolas's statue


It is a shame butterflies don't count towards his LTW

He now has collected 8 .... I am selling all the ones he picks up from now on, because he is not bothering to look after the ones he has in tanks and cages.

ONE HUNDRED has wandered off out again ... lol ... these boys are cracking me up!!
I found him outside the Spa talking to Sandy



While he was out I got him to go into the book store and buy the three cooking books. 
(Books that we have already bought a few times but keep dissapearing ... I clean all the books out of inventories before I move the sims out, so I can only presume the ghosts are pinching them!)
So he is now swatting up on the cooking skill which he needs for work.

ONE-O-ONE got £128 for that paining
ONE-O-ONE like NINETY-NINE and ONE-O-TWO have not rolled any job wishes yet, so they are still unemployed.

FORTY-SEVEN is the visiting ghost today

I am finding it very strange that all of Marty's children and Ivy have not had a graduation!!
I've reset the townhall a few times - I am not sure it is ever going to happen now!!

I am amused to see Granite visiting Pebble over the road.
In that respect he is the only one I have seen going out of his way to keep in contact with his children.

This picture has been here since he was a child ... finally he gets round to continuing it

BOTT has crystal plants in the bedroom charged with love.
She needs 5 love crystals and 2 medium blank processors to make one Capacity to Love trait chip.
The crystals won't be a problem but the processors will - she can only get them buying them from the bot shop or reverse engineering a Nanite - and the medium processors come rarely!!

It might be a while before we see BOTT getting a new bot friend and love life!!

Booprop SimNano
Update # 11
Picture count = 676 + 76 = 752
Word count = 10,590 + 1,423 = 12,013


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