Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Update 208

NINETY-SEVEN is getting very pally with one of the paps outside.

Nickolas is reading a cooking book because he wants to max his cooking skill.

Mini Marty!!!

He looks happy ... but I guess he is carefree ... unemployed and living the life of riley!!

I swear Marty has passed on some type of  "Wandering" hidden trait onto his kids!!!
Now NINETY-NINE is at it!!
I find him behind the house watching a Falcon.

A Falcon that he wants to buy a bird cage for ... tut!

We don't need the baby cribs anymore ... so one goes to make space for the new bird cage

so we now have a Falcon flying all around the house!!

Following BOTT to the consignment store ...
I notice Marble and Ocean out together ... without their child.

Then I see something I didn't want to see .... SEVENTY-TWO passing away

I am getting very very confused by Ocean!!
SEVENTY-TWO is Ocean's youngest daughter ... so how is he getting to live so long??!!
Ocean has outlived ALL of his children except for one ... there is only SEVENTY-ONE now still alive.  The child he had with Raven has vanished out of the game.

NINETY-EIGHT comes out of work just in time to watch

LOL ... he has passed out from exhaustion

Forget the fact that his daughter has just passed away ... lol

SEVENTY-TWO's grave is now in the back garden.
BOTT snagged it before it flew off to the mausoleum

This is where all the unemployed hang out!
I guess Red could actually now get a proper job if she wanted one.

I am very surprised when the pop up comes to say Marty is having his one year anniversary of working at the sports stadium!!  Time flies!!

Marble and Ocean are still outside the science facility .... they must have a right love affair going on between them I think!

COUGH .... while they are making use of the adult mod .... the pervy Pap is watching ... creep!!

Notice I am hiding behind the bench so I can't see what they are up to!!!

ONE-O-TWO has wandered off again .. lol
He is chasing a wild horse around town.

When he has had enough ... he goes home and works on his social networking skill a little more.

ALREADY the bird and the snake pass away ... and not because of neglect, because BOTT and Red have been taking care of them.

It tickles me how everyone cries over the dying pets when they have not been anywhere near them when they are alive!!!  I doubt they even knew they are there until they pass away!!

One minute he is crying over the bird ... the next he is outside the town hall !!??

Hello Sage



OCEAN ... phoning up for a date cracks me up ... especially the way Red reacted to the call!!

ONE-O-TWO's ice statue

I've checked the ice statues and have a lot more missing than I thought .....

are all missing a statue (gulp)  I have some serious ghost catching to do!!

Woohoo ... NINETY-SEVEN finally got a promotion to bed pan cleaner  - level 2

BOTT has now got the 10 love crystals that she needs to make the two love chips.  However, she is yet to get a medium blank processor.

It is very rare that I see her snake charming

I spot Angel ... the supposed to be dead living sim who now has no grave or home!!
I would love to know where he is living!

BOTT is reverse engineering Nanites to try and get the processors that she needs.   She has been to the shop quite a few times and they are not selling any.
First attempt she gets one .....

10 nanites later she still only has the one and needs three more!

Now she is having to make a load more Nanites so she can try again to reverse engineer them



More reverse engineering a load of Nanites without any luck!!

Red and Marty are still attached to the hip and going strong - lol - especially in the woohoo department.

I can't decide what to do now that this challenge is over ... just leave Marty and the kids here or move them out.

Red, like BOTT, has two wishes locked in that have been there forever ... she wants to clone a sim - but I've never known WHO to clone.  She also wants to get married .... another WHO should it be!?  Unless she rolls a specific sim wish ... I am really struggling to decide WHO on both wishes.

I swear Nickolas cooks and eats NOTHING but pancakes!!!
I am surprised he does not look like one!!

NINETY-NINE finally works out how to feed one of his pets!!

but it is left to Marty to clean out the stinking cage - lol

How many years is that??!!
Finally that painting is finished!!

For his LTW ONE-O-ONE needs to buy a camera.
Typically they are not selling any because he needs one!!

BOTT is having to work hard to get the processors that she needs

but she always has time to chat with her friends!!
Her best friend count seems to be stuck on 97 and hasn't moved for ages.

Well you could knock me over ....
NINETY-SEVEN has had another promotion!!!!  He is now level 3 - a Paramedic.
He has also rolled a wish to reach level 5 of his medical career .... so it looks like he might finally have got the hang of working!!

Ivy never stops .. her Athletics skill is already at level 9

FINALLY she gets the four processors that she needs ... so she is now making the two Capacity to Love trait chips.
Soon she will get her bot man!!!

Nickolas is having his birthday already and becoming a mature adult.

He is having a midlife crisis and straight away rolls a MLC wish to move house.
Mmmmm I wander if it is time he went to live over the road with his parents and sister?!  Not that there is room for him with there being ten already living in the house.
Moving a few out might be a good thing if BOTT is going to be making another bot to be living in the house.


BOTT is invited to SEVENTY-ONE's party.
We go so we can nosey at Ocean and Marbles little boy - Javier

He is cute!!!!  He has Granites hair and eyes, just like Marble

Oh look ... Marble has ANOTHER baby bump!!

Well at least Ocean will not be out living this batch of kids!!



I am very amused when Granite phones BOTT for a chat


Javier has gone to sleep in the fairy house, but his parents are planning to disturb his sleep!!

and this is why Ocean and Marble are gaining so many children!!
They jump in the fairy house then in the bed twice .... three times I heard them woohoo while bot was here!!

I don't know why but all the other guests left virtually as soon as they came.  BOTT was the only one that hung around.

BOTT ended up entertaining Ocean and SEVENTY-ONE with her piano playing until she was kicked out at 3am in the morning.

Update # 12
Picture count = 752 + 69 = 821
Word count = 12,013 + 1,218 = 13,231

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