Sunday, 10 September 2017

Update 206

I am amused watching all the working out that Red is doing - not something she normally does.
I guess when you have maxed virtually all your skills, you get bored and need to find new stuff to do.

Eww - BOTT has actually ventured upstairs finally!!
Seriously why drain her charging station when all she has to do is get into it??!!

TEN is the cemetery ghost visiting today

She is one that does not have an ice statue yet
so Red gets it done while she is here.

I seriously don't know what is the matter with NINETY-SEVEN.
He is not going to work unless I force him to ... and he keeps rolling different LTW's even though he already has one locked in.
I feel like he is telling me he doesn't want to be a doctor - which he actually chose for himself!!!

The sandpit is busy tonight

I have to laugh ... I think Ivy is trying out her hidden pyromanic trait
and while she is setting fire to the gnome graves ...

ONE HUNDRED is critiquing them!

ONE-O-TWO has got his guitar skill up to level 6


Lady muck ... chilling out on the bed!!

The next time I look at her she is reading a book.

This tickled me.
Are Daddies supposed to massage their daughters??!!

Mia is out

Three of the boys decided to skip school



ONE HUNDERED was a lot cleverer than his brothers ... he slept through school hours, so he didn't actually get told off for skipping school.

I sent the two awake boys next door as they both had deliver a fish opportunities ... they may as well do something useful if they are not going to school!!

Sage and EIGHTY-TWO seem to be having a ranting competition

Nelson is being attacked by a crazy cat!


That cat has serious issues!!!

Granite I wouldn't get too close or you might just get your cute face ripped off!!

NINETY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Animal lover trait

LTW = Creature Robot Cross Breeder

so he is now working next door at the science facility

Marty is also having his birthday

Yes Marty is having a midlife crisis

EIGHTY-EIGHT is visiting

We get a pop up .... Christine has passed away.

ONE-O-ONE as usual has not come home after school ...
he is outside the school talking to Morgan

EIGHTY-NINE and Leeann

I am laughing at Marble and Ocean ... walking down the road doing the Walk of Pride!!
Obviously they have been doing public woohoo somewhere they shouldn't!!

The next time I check on ONE-O-ONE he is sleeping inside the dive bar!

It looks like BOTT has found another new toy to play with

Red wants to max her Athletic skill - she is at level 8

Don't just stand there and watch!!!  lol

It is Saturday so everyone is out in the garden again.
This weekend is special ... all of the teens will be having their birthday tomorrow ... that means this challenge is complete.


WHEN ONE-O-ONE is home he has started to do a lot of painting

I think Ivy's strongest trait is the Athletic one, she spends a lot of time here as well as doing Martial arts.

Four dancing fairies.

ONE HUNDRED has started to drive me nutz ... constantly critiquing everything.
But he has decided on his LTW ... he wants to be a Celebrated 5 star Chef - I am really not sure where that has come from.

Ivy has rolled her LTW too ... she wants to be a Superstar Athlete

Marty has had a promotion.
He is now at level 8 of his career ... League Mvp

No Marty you are not fat .... just chunky!!

Nickolas has had a promotion
He is now a Line Cook - level 5

He paints like he wanders, he can't stay in one place for very long - this is his third half finished painting

Red seems to have totally gone into Athletic mode ... or is it Marty pushing her into it?

Finally he finishes a painting!!
ONE-O-ONE has rolled his LTW too ....Visionary

Red and BOTT have started fighting a lot again lately

I would love to know where these ghosts get the money from to gamble with!!

BOTT and Red needed parting because they are chasing each other around the house just to fight.
So I sent BOTT down to the grocery store to sell the friut and veg

She did not get arrested for doing this mural.



BOTT is off with the selfies!!

First Granite


SEVENTY-TWO is now elderly


another Selfie


It looks like Marble is wearing maternity wear!!

amusingly Ocean is here too ... I am presuming the baby Marble is having is his, as I have seen them doing public woohoo.


Heath and Josephine


Snow and Darrell

That girl is ugly cute!!


This seems to be where virtually EVERYONE is hanging out today

Carltons hair has just cracked me up!!

BOTT is in her element with the selfies ... now it is Ocean's turn

and Pebble

I left BOTT to it ... time to go home as it is nearly birthday time for the five teenagers!!

Boolpoop SimNano
Update # 10
Picture count = 598 + 78 =  676
Word count = 9724 + 866 =10,590


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