Thursday, 24 August 2017

Update 194

NINETY-TWO has decided that he wants to learn the gardening skill
Not that he needs to now that he has had his LTW fulfilled for him!!

That has got to be the strangest bunch of children that you will ever see ... lol

I'm glad these two are half brothers, or I might start getting worried about how much time they are spending together!!

Red and Voohoo now have plenty of time to be doing other things now that they are totally ignoring each other.

and here they are together again - lol

Acupuncture gone wrong!!

I'm saying nothing.

No job wishes rolled yet ... they are just having fun!

NINETY-TWO's ice statue

Snow soon won't be able to move because his inventory is overloaded with flowers.
Heath is a right sap!!

as Red is in a good mood she gets NINETY-THREE's ice statue done too

Pebble is going to have to move out with NINETY-ONE I think or they might just pine after each other lol

NINETY-SIX is having his birthday
I missed the sparkles!

He gained the Handy trait

The house is becoming a pit again ... neither BOTT or Snow are doing a lot of housework these days.
I don't understand why Snow has drastically changed since becoming a vampire

EIGHTY-SIX has the virtuoso trait so it didn't take him long to jump onto a musical instrument

Everyone is huddled in the activity room again listening to the music

Oh she is off again .... lmao
She has been on her soap box and obviously ranting about death again!

I wander if Grim is going to take her this time
This is the fourth time she has done this!!

She is just getting a telling off again

either Grim is lettering off one too many times or he has a short memory.
I've seen him take sims the first time they do it, so I don't know why BOTT is getting away with it!!

Friendly hugs!!
Grim is still always sending her love letter ... but its not like she can react to them, she has no way of contacting him unless he is in the house collecting someone

Dagger stares!!
Yes Red, someone needs to tell her ... she is really upsetting everyone for a short time, because they think she has actually died!!

NINETY-FOUR has decided on his LTW
He wants to be a World Renown Surgeon

I'm going a little stir crazy - lol - and Darrell has a celebrity opportunity at the theatre so he goes and I am on the look out for girlfriend material for him.



It looks like Darrell has inheritted the hugging disease off his Dad!

Darrell and Marble go next door to the dive bar together, because he wants to group up with her.

of course she is not girlfriend material for him .... and there is none in here only one elderly mixologist woman upstairs


That's great ... the mixologist is expiring on us!

We also get a pop up ... FIFTY-EIGHT (who we just saw next door playing with his cat) has passed away.

unsuccessful trip out ... so Darrell just took off back home

Eww nice pap lady ringing the doorbell

That's a good sign

Shanna just wanted his autograph then she legged it

I wander about these two ... both of them have an undecided gender preference - but they both lean towards the gay side I think.
Pebble - got himself a male romantic interest from prom, and I've noticed he has a second male romantic interest showing on his friends list.
Darrell - all he has done is cyberwoohoo'd with Thyme (another male) ... so I'm on a mission to send him the straight way lol

Suddenly NINETY-TWO is not sat on the couch so much ... he is watering the garden a lot ... he has got himself up to level 2

Voohoo is at level 9 with his martial arts

NINETY-THREE wants a science career so she gets a job next door

Those two vampires are stupid ... they sit out in the sun - they are both smoking and risking getting disintigrated, because they are more interesting in woohoo in the hot tub!

NINETY-TWO also has decided he wants a science career - so he is next door getting his new job

While I'm waiting for NINETY-TWO to come out of the science fascility - I see a flash behind it.
In town there is a meteor just landing on one of the community lots!
What the hell is going on suddenly!!


Stir crazy BOTT goes to investigate .... as well as collect the fallen rocks and scrap
Nobody died - everyone just got singed.

Hello Granite

Well that is a strange one!!!!
Lol - the interaction in her queue says she is sleeping in one of the sleeping bags!!
Obviously a stupid glitch!

Suddenly there is a hell of a lot of meteors as well as alien activity going on!!

Now NINETY-FIVE is being abducted!

at least she can't come back with an alien baby!!


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