Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Update 175

Surprise surprise Travis is stir crazy!!
I send him to the spa for a discrete rendez vous hoping to wake him up - but it doesn't!!

SIXTY-ONE is rocking the pig tails!!

Sage and Reed
It's unusual to see Sage without Thyme these days!


Travis was not remotely interested in Emily - he ran straight home to play his guitar!

TWO DAYS later and Granite STILL has pie on his face!!

We seem to be collecting photo booth photo's

Baby is coming

Red takes herself off to the hospital ..... alone which confused me!!
Alpine continues his workout and doesn't go with her, which is very unusual

Then I see Granite running into the hospital ....
NO!!  They didn't did they?!

Oh YES they did!!!
My language is very loud and fowl right now!!

Red comes out carrying a little brown girl ... that is definitely Granites!

and Granite walks out carrying a little brown boy GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So not only has Granite and Red sneaked more children ... there are two of them!!

I am really annoyed - at myself for forgetting to turn of auto try for baby - but also for leaving her alone at the festival ground - because that is the only time it could have happened!!

Don't think this gets you moving back in Granite ... because it doesn't!!!

I'm in a right mess now - SIXTEEN sims in the house .... When I move out Alpine and his seven children, there will still be eight in the house
(Red, Freddie, Fennel, Heath, Bott, Mia and the new twins)

So what to do - because I can't start the next baby Dad with eight sims already in the house!!
I'm going to have to do some mega evicting (sob) and I wanted to keep Freddie, Fennel with Heath ... but I don't think I can do that now without juggling Granites house to make room for him to take the new twins.

and they just have to be another two Granite cuties!!
There is no mistaking they are Granites either because they both got all the colouring from him.

Pebble Rock

Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Latin - Cheese Stalks - Spice brown

Marble Rock

Traits = Clumsy - Artistic
Favourites = Soul - Mac & Cheese - Lime

They make my decision harder ... do I keep the twins and lose Freddie, Fennel and Mia
or lose the twins.  Since the baby chimes ive been thinking about moving Fennel and Mia over the road with Nadia and the new baby anyway .... now im just getting a headache!!

or keep just one of the twins .. huh!

I could keep Freddie and Pebble ... lose Marble, Fennel and Mia

Alpine = "I don't think these two are mine!!"

Well you are well used to bringing up other peoples children!!

She is a cutie too!!

While I'm getting a migraine, Granite has spent the night sleeping in the fairy house with Red and Freddie

Hugs from Dad

And off he goes to work.
Take a good look kids - because that will probably be the last that you see of your Dad for a while!!

Alpine is a sap ... he hasn't twitched at the two extra children in the house that are not his!!
And if he thinks he is making any more he has another think coming!!

EIGHTY-SEVEN is still in bed sleeping at 1pm when she should have gone to school at 8am

The twins not being his doesn't seem to bother him!

EIGHTY-SEVEN gets it!!  As soon as she wakes up Travis is in to scold her for skipping school

If I don't laugh I'm going to cry .... Mia is already on a sneaky mission not to get evicted!!

Mia and Fennel come as a pair - it is his cat .... so if I evict him, she will go with him .....
SUDDENLY Mia has decided - Fennel is no longer her BFF, she has ditched him for BOTT!!!

Crafty Cat!!!!

Red now has her work cut out ... teaching the new twins all their skills on her own, because I very much doubt that Alpine will be rolling the wishes to help her.

She teaches Slate to talk then makes a start on his walking

We have four birthdays tonight


He is having a midlife crisis


He gains the Over Emotional trait


She gained the Photographic Eye trait


She gains the Athletic trait

I love both of Alpines girls ... because they are not clones of Red, like most of her girls have been

Oh the face on Pebble!!

Those puppy dog eyes and pout are telling me that he doesn't want to be evicted either!!

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