Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Update 193

I wander if any of the adults have been peeing in the the potty??!!
It has been quite a while since NINETY-SIX became a child, I can't believe nobody has emptied it out until now

We have two birthdays


He gained the Nurturing trait


She gained the Perfectionist trait (game given)

Look at their three faces ... I can just image what they might be thinking, looking at her face!!!

Someone has been trying to steal coins and fell into the wishing well

These two girls have really drawn the short straw when it comes to looks!!!

The couch potato is happily installed on the sofa watching TV most of the time

Its not often that I see Red and Voohoo interacting  - but when they do they are usually arguing.
I'm a little annoyed that their friendship is so bad,  they are showing as Disliked - and the "Ask to Just be Friends" is not available for them to use.

Snow seems to have slacked off with the housework since he became a vampire for some strange reason, and BOTT still hardly bothers.

It is funny that Pebble has started to sleep in the bed that he used to sleep in when he lived here before.

NINETY-FIVE being only a fairy is the only one of Voohoo's children that will need to sleep

All the others are awake 24/7 ... which makes it feel like the time is dragging even more

Snow has been distracting Heath so much - he is no closer to achieving his LTW ... when I thought he would have achieved it long before now.

NINETY-ONE has rolled a wish to have a sports career - so he has got himself a job at the stadium.
The option didn't show up on the computer, so he had to go to the stadium to get the job he wanted.

EIGHTY-TWO is now a mature adult

Pebble gets to hang out with his brother.
Pebble is here because he rolled the same job wish at the same time as NINETY-ONE ... so they both now have a job at the stadium ... FINALLY Pebble is employed!!

It didn't take them long to find the goal posts.


NINETY-FIVE is like her older sister .... permanantly playing one of the musical instuments

and Darrell is still very quiet and hogging the easels

Pebble and NINETY-ONE again rolling the same wishes at the same time.
I had to get them goal posts to play with at home.

I'm not sure what NINETY-THREE is doing

but its no wander she didn't stop the ball

We get a pop up ... Josh has passed away

Granite has started with the date phone calls again ... he must have got bored playing with all the other women in town lol

Voohoo decided he wanted to Invade a community lot

What on earth is going on with Angel's hair!!??

I just hope what Voohoo is doing isn't going to kill anyone!!

Sage and a few of the others have been singed by the attack

Silence is golden ... lol

Mia is out again

Red fed her a cat treat ....

then she sicked it back up on the carpet ... charming!!

Yes Darrell ... you need to watch and get the idea ... I want an 9th generation Leaf out of you!!

I guess this makes him Mommies special boy!!

Voohoo gets a date phone call off SEVENTY-TWO ....
and I thought why not, I need one of them cheating and upsetting the other so that they might break their romantic interest ... or Red will still be romantically attacked to three people when the next baby Dad turns up.

I have to laugh ... Voohoo is the one responsible for SEVENTY-TWO being in that singed state.
They chatted for a short time, then Voohoo ran off to work


Brotherly love!!!

NINETY-THREE has decided on her LTW
Master of the Arts

We get a horrible pop up .... Carmen has tragically burnt to death!
I think he was only a teenager still (pout)
I really hope this had nothing to do with Voohoo and his community lot attack!!  If he was there and got singed another hit of electricity or fire would have killed him off instantly

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are still attached at the hip ... lol

NINETY-FOUR is permanatly camped out on the chess table ... logic level 9!!!!
He might just max it before he moves out!!

The first set of twins are having their birthday and becoming young adults


She gained the Green Thumb trait

LTW = Master of the Arts


We get a pop up Thyme has passed away ...  aww I bet Sage is heartbroken!!

He gained the Green Thumb trait

LTW = Perfect Garden

Hysterically - as soon as he gets the Perfect Garden LTW locked in ... he achieves it.
because there are 9 perfect plants growing in the garden!!!!

I wouldn't mind but NINETY-TWO doesn't even have the gardening skill ... BOTT and Heath have achieved his LTW for him ... done in typical coach potato style ... lol


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