Friday, 18 August 2017

Marty or Carlton ... you decide.

I am here again ... and can't decide who is going to be the LAST baby Dad to complete this challenge!!

I was all set on using one of my Ugli sims (either Cello or Carlton) as the last baby Dad, until Livvie said it would be fitting for me to finish this challenge off with Marty ... and now I'm torn and can't decide, because I want to use them both!!!

So I am going to let you decide  ... ugly cute or just downright ugly!!


Carlton Ugli

With the over sized mouth, eyes, nose and ears - his children will be very ugly, but in a very cute way, like Carlton himself.

Carlton, does not actually appear in Through Colour Blindeyes himself, but he is one of my born in game ugli sims, he is the 8th generation of my Ugli family from the Ugly Wishes Wishacy

Carlton is actually related to a few of the baby Dad's who have already appeared in this, so his genes are already running through this challenge because of Rocky Giggs (who married the 3rd Generation Ugli heir, creating the 4th generation) and Ocean Muffin (who is 9th Generation Ugli)  Carlton is Winter's sister (Ocean's Mother)

Rocky is Carltons Great Great Great Grandfather
Lacey and Rocky >>> Cain >>> Amber >>> Lyric >>> Cello >>> Carlton

and Ocean is Carltons Nephew
Cello >>> Winter >>> Ocean


Marty Keaton ...

While Marty has been know to make some really attractive children with Red in the past .... Those cheekbones of his sometimes are inflicted on his children ... the girls especially take on a whole new meaning of ugly - they look way too butch to be female.

You probably recognise Marty ... he is the loveable lump that runs around Sunset Valley with his ugly bad tempered wife and couch potato son.  Marty is my favourite sims 3 Premade and anyone who knows me, knows I obsess over this sim just a little too much!!

Marty is actually responsible for the Ugli family being in existing - him being the founding generation ... so he too is distantly related to Ocean, Carlton and Winter


I do actually have something planned for both of these sims coming up after this challenge is finished.

a BACC / 26 pregnancy challenge with Marty and Red (in her none berry form)
a Sliding Doors challenge with Carlton.

so you will be seeing both of them very soon doing other things ... just which one of them gets the honors of being Baby Dad 17 and completing this challenge for me.


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