Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Update 3

Red is being very slack with her paintings for a change ... this is only her third one.

The washing machine is broken and flooding the kitchen, and while that is happening the bath taps are broken and the bathroom is getting flooded out ... and there isn't even a pesky gnome in sight yet.

The fun of wishacy, they could be left like that for days, weeks even ...

however, Red thankfully has the repair and upgrading bug, and wants to improve her handiness skill, so she gets to try and repair the broken machine straight away.

She stops repairing it because she is suddenly too tired and goes to bed.

Jazz  does the strangest thing - struggles to get the clothes out  ....

... then just dumps them on the floor ...

... before he also takes himself off to bed, leaving the job half done.

His first job in the morning was to finish putting the wet clothes into the dryer.

Then he cleaned up some of the bathroom flood - but he has no inclination to repair either the washing machine or the bath taps.

Thankfully Red does, so she fixes them both, while I sit nervously waiting for her to be electrocuted.

Jazz doesn't have a handywork bone in him - he leaves all the repairs to Red while he goes off and plays his guitar.

Jazz is reading a book to earn some brownie points with his boss at work.  He is now Band Manager at work and quite quickly moving up the ranks - he might just make it to being a Rock Star before he moves out.

Shhh don't tell Red but Sara one of his workmates keeps phoning him and asking him if he wants to go out on a date ... 

While Red is still teaching THREE how to talk.

Jazz keeps rolling the wish to go out for a stroll with the stroller, which tickled me.

If only his vampire mates could see him now!!  He is a vampire in TCE if you are wandering why I said that..

He took TWO to the book store to buy some toddler books and new guitar tunes for himself.

THREE has finally caught up with her twin sister and can talk, walk and use the potty chair on her own.

It didn't take the girls long to find the books on the floor while Mom and Dad entertained themselves in the bedroom.

Taking a collective break from their book reading to take a pee

TWO:  "Your shit stinks!!"
THREE:  "And your's doesn't!!"
ONE:  "I'm glad I only did a pee!!"

This family is way to organized!!  All sleeping at the same time during the night ... it's not normal!!

Seriously ... how can someone with level 5 cooking skill STILL be burning most things that she cooks??

Red is actually making quite a nice sum of money from the garden now, that is when she actually gets around to doing it!!

Mr organized - he takes care of all there cot and feeding needs.
To be fair all Red's men will have to step up and be good Dads because as Mothers go Red is the worst - she likes producing them, and rolls the wishes to teach them their skills, but that's usually as far as it goes. She is rubbish.

Someone has a suntan from doing the gardening.

I'm playing a game with Jazz, Mr neat!!  He keeps putting the books away, and I have to keep dragging them back out while he is at work, otherwise the girls would never see them.

$131 she earned from that painting

Red wants a boy, so she is eating a lot of apples - so hopefully we might get a boy this time.

ONE I think is trying to escape, either that or is having a nose at the neighbourhood!!
Strange child!!

she hovers by the pavement for a while then goes back inside

Baby number four is coming

At least Jazz does something useful after his freak out - he puts the three girls to bed while they are waiting for the new baby to arrive.

Its a boy!

FOUR -  is a boy, and another fairy

Seriously ... take a break ... I want to age FOUR up!!!

The minute he is put in a crib - they are off to woohoo.
(No baby chimes this time.)

Then they fall asleep straight away, so I have to sit waiting and watching them sleep all night, before I can get a chance to age FOUR up.
Watching them sleep at normal time speed, because the baby was awake all night ... yawn!!

Jazz is up first feeding and playing with the baby.

 Jazz if FOUR gets an IF doll in the mail, I'm going to punch you!!

then he gets all three girls up and feeds them ...
I want to keep him ... he's Super Dad!

(I laugh thinking - wait until it's Forrest's turn to play drone - he HATES children!!)



TRAITS = Neurotic - Heavy Sleeper
FAVOURITES = Soul - Egg Rolls - Lime

Four:  "And if you think I'm sitting on that pink potty - you have got another think coming!!"

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