Saturday, 26 November 2016

Update 1

While Red is inspecting her new home ...

We get the usual rubbish out of the way ... the irritating mascot appears with his bucket of useless rubbish and the time portal lands on the garden.  Both are sold to make some money, as she won't be going to university or travelling to the future.

Before the first baby Dad arrives, Red goes off to the grocery store to buy a few things to plant  and grow as that will be one of the ways she will be earning her living.  While she is at the grocery store she decides to 'cheat the system' and rob the arcade machine of a teddy bear.

Red makes a start on her garden.

It never takes her long to find the easel - painting is her second favourite passion after woohoo - and be warned, I have a terrible obsession of taking pictures of her paintings so don't be surprised if you get to see 102 of her painting along the way.

Jazz turns up looking a little strange to me - he is a vampire in T.C.E, so I am not used to seeing him as a normal human.

Jazz sits down to watch television and it doesn't take long for Red to start bugging him.

Red jumps straight into the baby talk.
Jazz is thinking = Not again!! - I thought I was done riding this bike when we left school!!

Red tries to cast one of her fairy tricks on Jazz - chattering teeth - but it backfired on her a little - he blew it back, so she was the one who got the chattering teeth instead.

Their relationship needless to say doesn't get off to a great start!!

Jazz cheers himself up making his favourite food - Autumn salad

Jazz wants to become a Rock Star, so I have to buy him a guitar.

I love that guitars are a crafty way for sims to make friends - all the time Red is watching him playing their friendship bars shoot up.

Their first night sleeping together ended up in single beds, in the room that is meant for all the children eventually.

Yes the hand on the pants always amuses me too!!

More friendship building while Jazz works on his guitar skill.

Jazz has now started working at the music theatre.

Red is not having a good time in the kitchen, she is burning literally everything.

The woohoo mod is set to unromantic autonomous woohoo - so I guess Red just wants to get stuck straight in and have some fun!  It's called friends with benefits, but in Red's case it's I'm a bike and any man will do!!

Baby chimes - so she opted for try for baby and is on the baby train already.
That was quicker than I expected = day 2.

More burnt offering!!

And she is off ....
They will do nothing but woohoo now and I can guarantee by the time Jazz moves out they will have both mastered the woohoo skill.

Glitch - while Red is putting rubbish into an invisible dustbin - the bin is actually sat over on the other side of the garden.

Signs that the first baby is on its way

Jazz gets home from work and starts to do the housework.  Red has been too busy to clean up, she has been gardening, painting and throwing up instead.

Baby bump.

Jazz looks happy that he has a baby on the way.

Well I never expected that!!  Jazz makes their relationship romantic with a heat of the moment kiss.
(The idiot could have lived his whole time here not being romantically attached to Red ... more fool him because he is now going to get his heart broken!!) 

Now comes hours of sappy stuff!!

I'm not sure eating dirt is very romantic Jazz!!

As Jazz is on a day off he wanted to visit the festival ground.  (yes, I'm fulfilling all the households wishes not just Red's)

Hot dog eating contest ... those hot dogs must look a lot better than all the burnt food they have been eating.

Jazz won - but I think he might regret eating so fast later.

Being pregnant Red can not take part in any of the festival activities, which is boring.  So while Jazz is skating, she is picking flowers to sell.

and robbing the arcade machine of more toys.

Up come the hotdogs!!


A pregnant woman riding a bike - is almost as funny as a woman in labour driving herself to the hospital!!

and the normal family portrait

$43 she earned for this picture

The woohoo train is none stop - baby no.1 hasn't even arrived yet and they have already managed to get to woohoo skill level 1.

It's okay Jazz you can pee yourself - this isn't an ISBI

He only just made it to the toilet on time, then went and broke the toilet.  Luckily Red wished to fix it.

Just showing off her fairy aura and flying skills

Vegitarian Chilli obviously has a kick!
I love curry faces.

Baby is coming

Jazz = "Can you shift - I'm starving, I need my breakfast!!"

Red  =  "I am not doing this 102 times!!"
Julie =  "Oh yes you are!!"

Its a girl.

Purple skin and green fairy wings!!??

Don't you just love colour sliders!!  Not!!


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