Sunday, 27 November 2016

Update 2

Baby ONE has arrived - purple and green not pink and red -
I think the game sliders have got a little mixed up!!"

That looks like a very awkward moment!!
Jazz seeing his purple baby for the first time.

ONE - is a fairy and a girl
Traits = Brave and Disciplined
Favourites = Indi - Porcini Risotto - Red

Jazz = "This baby is definitely not red or pink!!  Are you sure it's mine?!"

Yes I would be very suspicious too Jazz, going by Red's past history!!

The baby isn't an hour old and Red is on a mission to make baby 2


I was going to change her skin tone to Jazz's but decided not to mess and left her how she appeared.  The green wings are really confusing me, as they should only be the same colour as Red's wings.

She already looks to me like she is going to turn out to be a clone of her Mother facially.

Learning to talk

Being potty trained.

Being fussed by Dad, when he gets in from work.

Sign baby TWO is on the way

Learning her logic skill

Even Jazz chips in with the potty training

Jazz has had a promotion and is now a Stage Hand

As you can see we have baby bump no. 2 growing.
Red teaches ONE to walk

ONE did not get an IF doll in the post (Yipee!!)
So she plays with the dolls house a lot.

Red is too busy painting to see to ONEs social needs

Toddlers using the potty chair on their own is so cute!

(One reason why I will never buy Sims4, with there being no toddler stage!! - toddler stage being my favourite age, and reading sims4 stories, the jump from baby to child just looks ridiculous)

Jazz is quite cute too  - always fussing ONE as soon as he gets in from work.

I spy a naked Red through the window, about to go skinny dipping in the hot tub, they both rolled a wish for.

She is about to lose her clothes!!

You are wasting your time Jazz - it doesn't work on pregnant women - we don't see the towel!!

$132 she got for this painting
While I'm very tempted to put it on the wall in the children's bedroom, they need the money 

Ridiculous - level 2 woohoo skill already

One dirty broken toilet!

I'm not sure why Red has opted to fix the toilet in fairy form?!  It is not like it gets done any quicker or better!!
It just looks amusing!

Baby is on the way

TWO is another fairy girl

Which took me by surprise, no fertility treatment or kids tv watching!

THREE is also a fairy girl.

At least this one is pink like Dad!!

Jazz is quite a very attentive Dad, which surprises me.

Traits = Loves Heat - Friendly
Favourites = Kids - Vegetarian Fish & Chips - Brown

Traits = Disciplined - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Hip Hop - Veggie Burgers - Pink

ONE goes to inspect her two new Sisters

I don't think she is too impressed with them playing with her toys!!

Red makes a start on teaching TWO how to talk.

While Dad and THREE watch them.
I think she is going to look like Dad when she grows up.

Jazz is quick to put the three girls to bed ...

... now I see why!!

Baby four making.

TWO is being potty trained and learning to walk

Play time

I am very happy that TWO and THREE have not recieved IF dolls in the post either!!
(I am thinking that maybe aging up the babies instantly stops them being delivered?!  I could be wrong - but if I don't see one single IF doll during this whole adventure I will be well happy!!"

Having to teach the twins to walk, talk and potty train them - Red hasn't had a lot of time to tend to the garden, which is looking a little neglected.

 THREE is being potty trained

Jazz is trying to catch a little fairy to put her to bed.

Baby bump.
Number 4 is on the way.


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