Friday, 1 September 2017

Update 197

Before Voohoo and his children can leave - there is only one more ice statue to do ...

To swerve a mass graduation I moved them out straight away.
I have moved Voohoo - NINETY-TWO - NINETY-THREE - NINETY-FOUR - NINETY-FIVE - NINETY-SIX and Christine into the vampire house with EXTRA who is now living there alone, as all his other siblings have now passed away.

There is no room for NINETY-ONE and his baby to go with them - so they are still in the house with Red at the moment, until the second round of moving out.

Family fund = $6,514.624
Voohoo's autonomous woohoo count = 62 ... which is pretty good to say for quite a time Red and Voohoo fell out and there was no woohoo going on at all

The house is now down to eight sims ... Red, BOTT, Heath, Snow, Darrell, Pebble, NINETY-ONE and Charlie ... so we still have more moving out to do, before we can make a start on our last Dad, baby Dad 17.


NINETY-ONE has decided that he wants to get married ... I presume to Morgan
So I am going to have to try and catch him.

This is Charlie

Traits = Artistic and Athletic
Favourites = Digi Tunes - Vegetarian Dim Dum - Lilac

Charlie is an alien ... and annoyingly he has one of the game default hair colours

NINETY-ONE is teaching  Charlie to walk
I am going to get him walking, talking and potty trained before they move out.

I spot FORTY-FIVE wandering around by the Science Facility

I need to start working on Darrell's love life
There is a new pap woman outside, Chandra

A quick hello and she is off ... all the women seem to keep doing a runner on Darrell.
He is going to be a hard one to get a love life for, he hates the outdoors so he is never wishing to go out anywhere.

We get a pop up EXTRA has passed away

I want to get NINETY-ONE and Morgan hitched so I can move them out as a family
Morgan is invited over

NINETY-ONE does get to propose

but then Morgan does a runner and leaves before I can get them married ... he is a paparazzi!


Then everything goes pear shaped!!!  I try to save and I get an error 12 (Shock) but then I guess I should not be really, the file has just hit the 100 sim week mark.

The file is actually still playing quite smoothly - besides all the crazy glitches I have been getting lately, the only thing annoying me is Red and BOTT, they both take a while to switch over to when I am clicking on them to make them the active sim.

I seriously considered doing a total rebuild and moving everything (sims, pictures, graves and ice statues to a new file) but then I only have SIX babies left to make for this challenge... and if anything is going to be corrupt in this file it is more likely to be Red or BOTT because of how long they have been around - especially Red who has now maxed most skills and has had 121 babies.

So I am going to try and make it to the end in this challenge in this file.  Even though I always save regularly, I had been playing for over 6 hours when I got the error 12 so it might not actually be the file, I could have caused the problem for myself - playing for too long in one session.  The game has been saving perfectly okay since the restart.


Just in case the file is struggling, I had a town clean out .... I deleted all the none family unnecessary graves and cleaned Red's chests out of all the rubbish that has been hoarded.

I moved all the remaining children in together, which gave me the chance to delete three of the houses that were left empty after the move about ... so all the remaining 34 living children and family members are living in just 6 houses ... and there is an empty house over the road for the second move out from Red's house.

The Leaf house
Mint, Kale, Reed, Fennel, Nadia, Sandy and Sage 

The alien lot


Extra has not passed away yet playing the re-run

Parsley's lot


Granites lot


Alpines lot
who I notice are all now elderly except for the one fairy


and in Phoenix's old house ... I have moved in all the spares -

 Everyone chipped in helping to get Charlie walking, talking and potty trained

What to do with Pebble ... keep him or move him out with his best buddy?!
I would love to keep him, but I'm not sure I have the room to keep him!!

I have to laugh at these two hugging each other three times one after the other.
They probably don't realise, that is probably a goodbye hug, because as much as I would love to keep Heath and Snow, unfortunately they will be moving over the road with NINETY-ONE.

Pepper is out

Morgan is round again ... and this time they do get married.

I am laughing at Pebble watching them.

It ia a shame we can't get to know Morgan properly ... he looks like an interesting character, he has the Family Oriented trait, so he makes a beeline for Charlie, and rolls a wish to have a child with NINETY-One .. lol

Morgan wants a business career - so he gets the job that he wanted

She makes me laugh ... I have seen her doing this with her Grandchildren quite often, but she never seems to do it with her own children

I swear Darrell is sliding the gay way!!!
Well he can forget it!!

So it's the second move out time
Heath, Snow, Pebble, NINETY-ONE, Morgan and Charlie are now living over the road.

I'm looking at Pebbles face and he is making me feel really bad ... I can just imagine what he is thinking .... "Well this is rubbish ... the bitch has dumped me again!!"

I wanted to keep Pebble, but with Darrell needing a child and two candidates turning up to fight for the job of being the last baby dad, I think I am going to need the room in the house.

The house is now down to just three ... Red, BOTT and Darrell

I have decided I am not going to mess about getting Darrell a love life ... Red is planting him a possible baby .... a forbidden fruit seed, which Darrell will be pulling up.

Darrell still has 4 levels of guitar to get before he achieves his LTW

I have to laugh at BOTT ... while Red is busy cleaning the house and doing all the laundry, BOTT is down in the basement vandalising the floor with spray paint!!

I seriously can't wait to see how this works out

The two Baby Dad 17 candidates have turned up on the garden

but which one is actually going to be baby Dad 17 ..... Red is going to decide.

Boolprop SimNano
This update ... Picture count = 39

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