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I have finally decided to attempt a 100 baby challenge.

This challenge is one that I have wanted to do for a long time, and while I have tried to do it in the conventional way - 100 babies from 100 different men - I have always failed because I let myself get very distracted and end up letting the female sim get herself attached to one of the guys that she seems to take a real shine to, then its game over.

I like the idea of the Queen Bee challenge where they have 6 babies with each man - so I've decided to do a combination of the two and do it in my own way - which includes playing the wishacy way, because that is how I play mostly, only controlling the sims to fulfil their wishes, so I basically leave them to run around on free will and take pictures of their antics.

So I guess you could say this is a wishacy queen bee 100 baby challenge.


I decided to have some fun with this, for my own amusement, so I will be using Red to be the baby mother and I will be keeping it very colourful and only using my own CAS and born in game characters from my ongoing rainbowacy Through Colourblind Eyes.

For anyone who reads TCE - you might recognise my sim self, Red, who was coloured red for the purpose of the rainbowacy and called Ruby.  However I have modified her a little by giving her black instead of red eyes, black streaks in her hair and a pair of bumble bee fairy wings - seeing as she is now a queen bee.
(She is red and black instead of the usual yellow and black bee)

Red will be living with each male (drone) until they have had 6 baby bee's together - then when all six children have become young adults - the drone will be moving out, with his six grown up children, and into a new house in town, so the next male drone can move in.   I will continue like this until I have created over 100 children.
17 men = 102 babies, so that is my target.

All of the children must reach young adult age to qualify, so if any die along the way before they reach that age, another child will be produced to take their place.

The drones will go out to work - to earn the money while Red will have a stay at home job earning money from painting and gardening, or whatever she can collect, so that she is free to stay home and look after the children.

As I am going to be playing this wishacy, I won't be forcing the baby making, I will be leaving it to Red (who will do it all on her own with the help of the NRASS Woohooer mod which will be turned on for unromantic autonomous woohoo and try for a baby)  with the family orientated and hopeless romantic traits and the LTW of being surrounded by family - she never has anything else on her mind but making babies - left to free will she always fill the house up with children.

The Woohooer mod is the only cheat that I will be using.  There will be no money cheats etc, but I will use the master controller mod to fix any problems, glitches or bad file behaviour.   And following wishacy rules, there will be no baby sitters, repairmen or maids used - if anything needs fixing or cleaning - the sims have to do it themselves on free will or roll a wish to do it.

As Red is a fairy - I will not be letting her have a fairy house - because fairy house's are basically a big cheat, because fairy toddlers and children can be left to look after themselves, which would not make this much of a challenge.

Todders will be taught all there skills - walking, talking, potty training, xylophone and logic block.  After that I will just basically leave them to free will.  Any extra children created (alien - grown plant babies - time travel children - Red having random try for baby woohoo with other men etc) will not be counted.

As I am playing wishacy, I will be spending all the life time reward points that the sims earn - to get them any reward I feel fit - except fertility treatment, which I think would be cheating too much, although she will be watching a lot of kids tv to help bring on multiple births.

The babies will not be getting names - they will be numbered, ONE, TWO, THREE ect. 
Their traits at birth and if I get to chose them, will be randomizing - 3 rolls of the dice.
Babies will be aged up instantly - after that, there will be no birthday cakes, they will be left to age up naturally in game.  Toddlers 7 days - Children 7 days - Teenagers 14 days.

I will be using one of my own worlds made in CAW - Lost Island
I have turned off the weather - all except for the snow and each season is 14 days long. Don't expect to see many pets, because pets along with the weather are two things that really irritate me about this game.

and this is the house that Red will be living in.

This is basically how I plan to keep the house throughout the whole challenge, but that might all go out of the window along the way.  There is one bedroom for the six children, a bedroom for the parents, and an empty room for any of the activity things that they might wish for.  The kitchen, livingroom and nursery area is all open plan and there is one bathroom.  I might add another bathroom if it gets stupid when the house is full.

Baby Dad's that I will be using

I will start off with the original boys from the boarding school that helped to kick off the first generation of Through Colourblind Eyes.

Jazz - Alpine - Mango - Sunny
(I can not use Cosmic unfortunately because he is actually a purple male gender switched Red, so their children should all turn out to be pretty much the same and clones of each other.)

Then I will be moving onto other first and second generation characters that have appeared in the rainbowacy so far.  (I'm not sure which order they will be used in, but I will try to mix up the colours so it doesn't get too repetitive.)

Prelude - Mulberry - Granite - Forrest - Mace - Atlas - Affair - Rocky - Sulfur - Denim - Bayleaf - Tapestry  - Gravel - Pine - Storm - Mosaic - Cinnamon - Parsley - Mustard - all of the Rock brothers ... there are a load that I can use - even the older generation sims like Spicey (Mango's Dad) Grape (Preludes Dad) ect - I actually have enough male sims to do this twice over if I used them all.

So if anyone does read Through Colourblind Eyes and has any preferences - speak up and I will definitely include them.

characters I can't use because they are her born in game son's.
Crimson - Maize - Carmine and Saffron.

Red is no stranger to childbirth, she has created thousands of babies in the five or six years that I have played with her - with the traits that she has, baby making and painting are her only ambitions in life, so even playing this the wishacy way, and leaving her to free will, I don't doubt that she will accomplish this challenge.

In the rainbowacy files she has stuck to her character and has created 15 children with Sunny all on free will - only 8 of which are shown in the story, along with 10 plus stray children with other rainbow characters that I pretend don't exist, she is just a baby machine - and I guess this is what has given me the idea to do this challenge, using my rainbowacy characters.  I like how some of her stray children have turned out, plus I am very interested to see the children produced especially from the gay males that I have in story who will never be having biological children of their own. 

I generally throw Red into a house in all the towns that I am playing, when I am not playing with her, because she seriously populates empty towns better than Story progression does - lol - she is now known as the town bike, because seriously no man in town is safe when she is in it, and she will go through them all.  So with unromantic try for baby at her disposal, don't be surprised if we don't get a lot of extra babies along the way.

Yes I waffle (just try reading my rainbowacy to see how much) - which is why you are lucky that I am writing this narrative!! lol

RED BEE  (As she is know for this challenge)

TRAITS = Over Emotional - Family Orientated - Hopeless Romantic - Artistic - Super Natural Fan.
FAVOURITES = Darkwave - Grilled Cheese - Black
LTW = Surrounded by Children

So I guess I had better get on with it!!

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