Sunday, 30 July 2017

Update 173

Red finishes potty training both of the boys

Cute ... EIGHTY-SIX giving EIGHTY-NINE hugs

Heath and Travis are cracking me up .... they do nothing but play musical instruments

One of the paps is expiring on the front garden

Lol ... even Mia gets in on the act ... howling

Heath also has the Pyromaniac trait ... which Fennel has obviously passed onto him




EIGHTY-SIX is quite a cute girl ... and doing more housework than BOTT right now!!


EIGHTY-SIX has the artistic trait

Portrait of Alpine

Freddie rolled a wish to visit the cemetery ... so he got out the graves while he was there
It seems like ages since Red went, so I was surprised that there were only two family graves to get out ... SEVENTY and FORTY-FIVE

Freddies Dad and two of his brothers are also visiting the cemetery

Baby is coming

Only one little boy this time

and another human baby ... out of seven children only one is a fairy

It's young age potion drinking time again ... she only had six days left before she ages up


Traits = Genius - Virtuoso
Favourites = French - Spaghetti - White

BOTT is smiling because she has another friend to make - lol

Alpine teaches NINETY how to talk

The portrait of Alpine is pretty good.

Freddie and Travis our mad!!
They both have chattering teeth - and close to freezing, but they still manage to get a massage in


and the annoying bed stories starts!!

EIGHTY-NINE is the only fairy

Red and Alpine are at the festival ground

SEVENTY-SIX is now elderly



I think it is sad when her kids have to ask her for her autograph - like she isn't their mother!!


Kale and Lacey
I swear Lacey has to be living on overtime - she seems to have been around FOREVER!!




Whitney is now elderly


Hello Granite

Lol ... and here probably comes trouble ... he spotted Red and he is over there!!

Oh that face kills me!!!

Red wanted to collect his DNA

Alpine NEVER turn your back on that woman when she is talking to another male!!
because the moment his back is turned Granite and Red start flirting with each other!!

Oh that's done it!!  Now Alpine is upset with Red!!

and the idiot storms off home ... leaving Red and Granite together!

Hello Shale ... that is the first time I've seen Granites Dad since I put him into town.

I am swung back home because EIGHT-FIVE is having his birthday

He gained the Neat trait

We get a pop up SEVENTY-SIX has passed away
(We only saw him earlier at the festival ground!!)

When I check on Red - she is still with Granite.

Someone's been eating pie!!

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