Friday, 28 July 2017

Update 171

BOTT went AWOL after a trip to the grocery store to sell her fruit and veg.
I found her over the road with Kale, Reed and Mint

sex education the wrong way

Travis went off to prom

Alpine has found the martial arts dummy

Travis didn't have a very interesting time .... no prom king or romantic interest ... he is cheering himself up eating chocolate gnomes.

Fennel is trying to sleep in the tent - in a hope that Mia does not wake him up in there, and Heath has decided to join him.

The baby is coming

After a trip to the hospital, they come back with twin GIRLS!!



and off they go to make the next one ... but there weren't any baby chimes this time.

SEVENTY-SIX is a human girl

Traits = Virtuoso - Artistic
Favourites = Classical - Dim Sum - Violet

EIGHTY-SEVEN is also a human girl

Traits = Brave - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Dark Wave - Tofu Hotdogs - Spiceberry

I'm finding it a little strange that they now have four children and none of them are fairies

It's Saturday, so Alpine has the weekend off work ... plenty of time to help get the girls walking and talking

Travis picks up the guitar, unusually, he doesn't have the virtuoso trait

Cats chorus .... LMAO .... Mia is singing along with the music

I laughed seeing these two together -
(in TCE Lime was Alpines girlfriend at boarding school)



Lime as usual is being nasty - to Aniseed


Either I am going mad ... but I could have sworn there were two water slides in the back garden!!
I'm wandering if we have had a kleptomaniac in the house - because it is strange that one just vanishes.

Lots of potty training

EIGHTY-FIVE is taking a paddle in his own pee ... yuk!!

Sage and Freddie, finally get to do some hands on gardening

No surprise that BOTT and Mia are now best friends

Heath is always busy doing something

EIGHTY-FIVE is having his birthday

He gained the Excitable trait

Heath has managed to get his painting skill up to level 4

EIGHTY-FIVE has just killed BOTT playing tag!!
Her battery ran out now she will be stuck there like that for hours - lol

Oops!!  We had a social service notice because Mia is being neglected socially!!
The novelty of having a cat seems to have worn off on Fennel.

Phoenix and Christian

I have to laugh at both BOTT and Travis potty training the toddlers on free will!!

Travis has the nurturing trait - so I guess he is good with the toddlers

Baby bump

Who needs TV when you have a lot of wild life in the back garden to watch

Oh hello dog ... where did you come from?!

I think Freddie needs a child!!
He is not wishing for one - but he is constantly just watching and interacting with the toddlers

or is it because he is childish and they are on his wave length?!

Freddie is making his first elixir ... 49 more to go if he is ever going to fulfil his LTW

Okay so Fennel is getting his wish (begrudgingly for me) to become a vampire.
He has gone to the science facility to get the £5,000 cure.

I am a little surprised when he comes out brown!!
I expected him to be green like Sage ... seeing as he is a plant clone of him

Is it me or has the change from plant to human made him fatter??

The first time he has ever eaten any food.

and what does the idiot do ... eats meat when he is a vegetarian ... lol

Yeah that food is coming straight back up lol

Now to turn himself into a vampire

That will teach him to eat meat!!

being a veggie ... I doubt he is going to be drinking anyones blood!!


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