Saturday, 29 July 2017

Update 172

Basil is having fun in the back garden

Fennel and Heath have made me laugh - they both accused each other of being a vampire ... then hugs.

I've just noticed that Fennel has a hidden trait!!
He has the pyromaniac trait (as he has the option to burn any object)
This trait comes from firefighter or genie parents .... which means that Sage must have also had the hidden trait which he passed onto Fennel ... Sage's Mother was a Genie.

Granite is phoning Red for a date

This game file has just hit sim week 90 ... woohoo ... I've never had a game file last this long before!!
I looked at a few of Reds stats ... she has painted 247 pictures and done woohoo 862 times!!

Freddie is amused by Fennel now being a vampire

Freddie rolls the wish to become a vampire now!!
Well it is not happening!!  He has already wished to become a fairy - so he can stay like it!!

They are good boys doing their homework.
EIGHTY-FIVE is a C grade (but he has only had one day at school so far)
Heath has an A grade and is on the honor roll

It is very strange watching Fennel drinking plasma juice
Really I should change his clothes - but his plant wear kind of makes him him!

Granite seems to be stalking Red ... he keeps phoning for dates and chats.

Travis is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gained the Virtuoso trait

LTW = One Sim Band

A plant with teeth!!
Okay so he is not a plant anymore - but he still looks like one

Travis is rolling wishes to learn all the musical instruments - but he doesn't roll a job wish


Travis is having a blast - lol
Finally I see him with a smile on his face!!

Baby is coming
Hello Omri

Sage is outside the hospital

with Thyme ... and as you can see their relationship is still going strong

Another set of twins ... this time boys.



Travis is graduating
(but I swerved it - cough - to avoid a boring waste of day at the town hall)

He is deemed the Most Likely to Never leave Home.

Broody Freddie

BABY CHIMES!!  Already!!
I hope they only make it one this time - because that is all we need to complete Alpines batch of 6 countable babies.

EIGHT-NINE ... they finally have a fairy child!!
Travis and the other four are all human.


Traits = Brave - Loves the Cold
Favourites = Kids - Peanut butter sandwich - Green


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Excitable
Favourites = Indie - Mushroom Omlet - Red

BOTT is making a start on teaching EIGHTY-NINE to talk

Heath is having his birthday

He gained the Family Orientated trait

Heath is still a working Plant / Vampire hybrid
I need to check to see if Fennel has passed on the hidden Pyromaniac trait to Heath

LMAO .... Mia decides to attach Red's legs and feet!!
She is now all scratched up ... lol
I guess Mia doesn't like her very much!!

Mmmmmm I'm amused when I spot Forrest giving Red a massage

Their fascination for each other is amusing me a little.
I quietly like it because of my own Forrest obsession ... but out of all the baby Dad's I would have expected Forrest to be the one that she least got along with because of their clashing traits ... her love and his dislike of children.

Travis does nothing other than eating, sleeping and playing a musical instrument

Alpine is teaching EIGHTY-EIGHT to talk

Baby bump

As BOTT did actually finish fully teaching EIGHTY-NINE to talk
Red teaches him to walk

and Alpine teaches EIGHTY-EIGHT to walk
so they only need to be potty trained now

I doubt Travis will every go outside again ... let alone never leave home!!

It doesn't take Heath long to find the musical instruments with his virtuoso trait
so we now have two of them continuously playing

The twin girls are having their birthday


She gained the Good trait


She gained the Perfectionist trait

Alpine didn't see that coming!!

Fennel needs to improve his handiness skill for work

Heath has just rolled the same LTW as Travis .... One Sim Band

Pepper is king of the castle

I love the way these two always play together when Pepper is out.


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