Monday, 12 August 2019

Back to the Ugli Past ... Update 32

Cello will probably be a while maxing his last instrument for his lifetime wish.

Mathew is sent to the park today, away from Eliza so he can actually do some work!!
Strange isn't how a day in the park jumps his career up two levels to level 5!!!

Benny who is also in the park with Mathew ...

has just reached level 10 of the Magician career!!

So that is his Lifetime Wish achieved!!

So it is time for Benny to leave us.

His inventory is empty ... so he is sent on his way.
He is now living over the road with Francesco, Kendra and Yvette.

Bye Benny!!!!

I get the feeling that Carissa will be needing to take quite a lot of these mud baths,
if she is EVER going to do her Lifetime wish!!!

She is very slow off the mark at getting a promotion .... she is still a Snitch ... Level 1!!

Cello has litterally been stood there ALL DAY playing the Bass.
Any time he will be maxing that skill and completing his One Sim Band Lifetime Wish!!!

A very hot headed Carissa is upsetting everyone in the house pretty quickly!!
She reminds me a lot of Terra!!!

and here it is ............

Cello has now completed his Lifetime Wish!!!!

Roland is out visiting today

Oddly, even though we do have a ghost gnome at the moment,
there have been no family ghosts visiting us from the cemetery!!

The time machine door has just opened.

out comes child number 22


EWWWW ... Default black hair.
(I can but dream it comes from Marty... lol)

She inherited her eye colour from her Grandfather Lyric

TRAITS = Handy - Never Nude - Bot Fan - Nurturng - Diva

LTW = More than a Machine.

Christal will need to reach Level 10 Bot skill,
and give a plumbot the Sentience Trait Chip.

As Christal will need it, A Bot station has been added to the basement.
And she gets off to starting to learn the Bot Skill.

At the resort Corey is breaking up with his girlfriend so he can move onto the next.

Gregg is a total pain in the butt constantly turning the lights off all the time!!!

It seems that Greg is spending time with his brother Dillan.

Greg is now only £2,000 away from the $40,000 collected profit that he needs,
to complete his Lifetime wish.

I am trying to work out how Corey seems to be pretty good friends with all three of the current resorts Maintence crew women!!??  There friendship bar is already over half way, so Janny will likely become his next victim!!

However I am MIFFED off with the Heartbreaker LTW counter AGAIN, as it seems to be faulty AGAIN!!!
It is only showing that Cory has had 4 partners, when I make it 5.  Looking through his friends lists there is only 4 ex partners showing.  One of them has disappeared from his friends list.
So does that mean that when any of them die they fall off the counter 👿
I think I have some investigating to do to find what happened to the missing person!!!

Hello Stacey
She just well and truly cock blocked him, just as he starts to flirt with Janny!!!!  
Stacey came over to talk to Corey and Janny walked away.

For someone who does not like the outdoors Greg is spending a hell of a lot of time down on the beach ... enough to get himself sunburned!!!!

Christal will now be stalking the Bot shop to buy processors any available trait chips, especially the Sentience Chip which is very hard to get and make!!!

A very good way of getting the Sentience Trait chip is from the Bot's available to buy.
Buy the bot ... remove the chip ... then resell the bot.

That is a strange thing to think when looking at a bot!!!

Neither of those bots had any decent chips in them, so Christal is now back home trying to improve on her Bot skill.

Cello ACTUALLY has work today!!

Collecting the profit ... Gregg completes his Lifetime wish of Resort Empire!!

He has now gone to live over the road with Dennis, Alissa, Reed and Teri

Bye Gregg!!!

Oh yeah!!!
So how does Mathew get from the park, where he was left, to the resort!!??
This boy is killing me!!!

Mallow doesn't know what do with himself while Cello is at work.
So he takes a trip to the grocery store, to offload the $10,000 worth of fruit and veg he is carrying around with him.  He also gets a lottery ticket while he is there.

Amusingly an opportunity pops up involving the Grocery store.
His agent has booked him an autograph signing session.

So he gets to spend the next four hours signing autographs for crazed fans!!
I forget he is a Rock Star!!!!

Mathew obviously crossed over the road and came in search of his obsession!!!

That guy looks like he is in love with Mallow, he also wants his autograph!

Lottery win!!!
$50 .. which is pocket change for Mallow

but he is still happy about it!!!
That guy did never get his autograph!!

Out on the street he might be a Rock Star with crazed fans, but at home,
he is just an over sexed house wife!!!

He spends the rest of the night cleaning the house and doing the laundry while he waits for Cello to get home.

Christal has managed to get her Bot skill up to level 5 already!!


I keep forgetting about Chandra and her lifetime wish (rolls eyes)
She is merrily going to work, and that is probably why I am just leaving her to it.

Hello Edwin!

That is how happy Mallow is to have Cello home from his long day at work!!

and the result of that happiness ..... Child number 23


He has inherited his hair and eye colour from Cello.
His skin, ears and looks are all Mallow!!

TRAITS = Night Owl - Daredevil - Schmoozer - Light Sleeper - Computer Whizz.

LTW = International Superspy

He is a cuttie!!!


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