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Back to the Ugli Past ... Update 1

Cello and Mallow are about to go on a new adventure .... creating 100 children using a time machine.

The children will be a part of a genetics experiment, while they collectively achieve every Life Time Wish available to sim 3 kind.

Confused?!  Read the Introduction - which sets out the details of the challenge.


So, I guess you need to meet the guys!!


Traits = Virtuoso - Family Orientated - Flirty - Brave - Athletic
Favourite = Rockability - Shawama - Black
LTW= One Sim Band 
Gender Preference = Bisexual

Cello is a born in game 8th Generation Ugli.


Traits = Virtuoso - Family Orientated - Party Animal - Hopeless Romantic - Artistic
Favourites = Classical - Potato & Truffle Torte - Irish Green
LTW = Rock Star
Gender Preference = Gay

Mallow is a CAS made sim.

Where they will be living ....

Hands down, this has got to be the worst looking house I have ever built, externally.  I have never been very good at building, and the roof tool just baffles me!!  I could not get a non ridiculous looking roof on it so I gave up!!

So welcome to Chez Ugli .... the ugli brick box!!

It does look a lot better inside!!  I think!!

As you can probably see, this town is totally empty of houses and residents.  There is only one other house in town besides Chez Ugli.

The stairs lead down into a small basement, where all the activity things that they will need to achieve their Life Time Wishes, will be placed.

an empty bedroom which no doubt will be filled up eventually.

While we wait for the normal annoying rubbish to land on their garden ....

Cello being the 7th Generation Ugli Heir ... doesn't just carry his deceased relatives graves around with him.  He also has all the family money which is just over $4 million (Cringe).  So I didn't take the pee ... I built them a decent sized house and gave them only the basic essentials then deleted the millions ... leaving them only $10,000 to start with.  The only naughty thing I have done ... went into debug and got out three items ... the Time Machine (which is a necessity) and the Martial Arts dummy and blocks (cough).  Everything else they need will have to be worked for.

Obviously to use the graves in this challenge and for Cello to have a fully intact 8 generation family tree, I have had to use old copies of him and Mallow.  (They come with the graves as a family unit.)
So I have cleared out their inventories and removed all their skills - so now they are as good as new sims.

I am giving one of my own CAW worlds a work out ... District One (the empty version)
I doubt it will last the whole of this challenge, being such a small world ... so don't be surprised if they move in the future.

I have used the Lunar Lake rabbit holes, because they are very space saving.

The time machine is down in the basement ... strategically placed by the musical instruments where I know Cello and Mallow will spend most of their time.
Woohoo and music is what these two predominantly live on!!

See ... they have found the time machine already without my help!!!

..... and out comes child number one!!


The good thing about time children, they already come named, even if sometimes their given names are a little wierd and wacky!!  Garret is a good start!

He looks like a Carlton clone .... I hope this isn't a taste of what is to come!!

Garret is a teenage boy and does not have a LTW yet.

Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Family Orientated - Bookworm - Lucky

Hair = from his Grandmother - Melon
Eyes = from Cello

and the bookworm goes straight to the bookcase to grab a book!

Mallow is out getting the job that he needs at the music theatre, for his LTW of being a Rock Star.

This is Millie  ... Cello's Sister in Law.
I forgot to mention Cello's Brother Jazz and his wife occupy the only other house in this town.

I doubt he had a microwave in the cave he used to live in.

How does there get to be bad food in the fridge already when Garret is literally the first one to cook anything!!??

Cello is obviously blind!!!
Garret's hot dogs are on the side ... but Cello goes and makes another batch.
Hot dog over load!!

I worried that Garret would just live with his head in a book, but he is now a very busy boy, doing what his parents are not doing ... the housework!

Well done Garret!!
Day 1 and we already get a damn laundry gnome!!

Mallow starts working on his guitar skills.

I'm already kicking myself for leaving his easy LTW in place .... I should have given him one that needs time and is more difficult to do.

I don't even have to worry about Cello's Life Time Wish.
He will become a One Sim Band on free will, without me interfering, in his own time ... which he has plenty of!!

I  spy a PLUMBOB!!

Garret is off to his first day of school.
I'm not sure how far away the school is ... all these Lunar Lake rabbit holes look the same, and I can't remember where I put it.

Cello is out because he has decided he wants a job in the military.

Hiya Jazz!!
As you can see ... unlike Cello, facially Jazz didn't get any cute with his ugli!!
Don't expect Jazz and Cello to be remotely Brotherly either, because they have never got on.

I spy a baby bump!!  It looks like Jazz and Millie are also making 8th generation ugli's!!

A bit of useless info .... Millie is a 24th Generation Swan from my SWAN Wishacy.  She inherited the ability to turn into an IF doll, from her Mother who was an IF turned real.  She also has 4 generations of graves in the cemetery.  So I will be keeping my eye on Jazz and Millies children too.

Cello is working on his Athletic skill which he needs for work.

but it doesn't last long.
He would rather be making music, which makes me wander why he wanted a job in the military!!

Garret didn't come home after school ... because I am an idiot!!
The spa is on the same lot as the school. So of course he got distracted by the swimming pool, hot tub and snow cone machine!!

So I now know where I put the school .... right over the road
He doesn't need a bus to come, when he only has to cross over the road!!

We have a teenager in the house!!!
Someone has hair dye in their future!!

Cello has to get up at stupid o'clock having a military job.

Mallow makes a start on learning the Alchemy skill ....

I don't plan to play them as an occult that extends their life (because it gives their children who inherit the occult a longer life too).  So Cello and Mallow need life extenders to keep them going through this challenge.  They need to find ways to extend their life until they have earned enough Lifetime reward points to get themselves the Age Freeze potion.

Garret has just been on a school field trip the mausoleum
His Aunt and Uncle are in the cemetery with a herd of adoptable kittens!

If he sits there long enough one of his deceased relatives might come out and help him with his homework!!

Garret is reading the Handy skill book.  He wants to learn the skill, as well as buy another Handy book ... which he can do when he has finished that one.
Hopefully he can use his Handy trait and knowledge for his LTW and is working towards whatever that is going to be.

More hot dogs!!!!

I feel like this is getting a little OWBC ... instead of grilled cheese the Ugli's are going for hot dogs.
I will tell you though ... there will definitely be no flamingo's in the garden!!!

and they have found the time machine again.

(rolls my eyes)  Already we get a second child.

That looks like a dangerous place for Mallow to be sitting!!!
Death by Arrow ... its a good job that isn't a thing!!


Here we go with the strange names ... lol

Terra is a teenage girl and does not have a LTW yet.

Traits = Hot Headed - Commitment Issues - Athletic - Lucky

Hair = from Cello
Eyes = from Cello

She is very pretty facially!! 

Shame about the ears!

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures =  55
Words = 1413

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